Dems Can't Get Past Invocation Without Bernie Delegates Booing Hillary

July 25th, 2016 9:22 PM

Throwing Debbie Wasserman Schultz under the bus apparently wasn't enough to calm the atmosphere at the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Today, it became clear that like many others, Bernie's fans are not persuaded by the establishment press's predictable pro-Hillary posturing about how the convention will be "magic," with "perfect chemistry" between Hillary Clinton and her VP pick Tim Kaine, the "most qualfied ticket in history."

As seen in the C-SPAN video which follows, many Sanders delegates couldn't even get through the opening invocation. First their booing, and then their shouts of "Bernie, Bernie!" eventually became louder than the cheers of pro-Hillary Clinton delegates.

Some viewers of the video (HT PJ Media) may need to put on sunglasses to protect their eyers from the background behind Reverend Cynthia L. Hale.

Sanders supporters' display was untimely and rude, but it's hard to blame them for being intensely angry, now that it's beyond dispute that the Democratic Party presidential primary process was a completely rigged exercise orchestrated by a DNC which, as almost everyone with eyes suspected, has been in Mrs. Clinton's pocket doing her bidding all along.

Does anyone believe that the press will give this opening round of conflict the visibility it would get if we saw such obvious evidence of disunity on the Republican side?

Exit question: What kind of "Reverend" heartily endorses the nomination to the highest office in the land a person who everyone up to and including the FBI acknowledges has committed federal crimes and compromised national security?

Exit answer: The "Chief Advisor" to the National Consortium of Black Women in Ministry. 

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