NBC's David Gregory: Christie Should 'Prove He Didn't Create an Atmosphere Where This Was Okay'

A frontrunner for the award going to the most obvious media double standard of the week certainly has to be NBC reporter and Meet the Press host David Gregory.

Asking a question virtually no one in the press has asked about President Barack Obama in matters far weightier than Chris Christie's "Bridgegate," Gregory addressed the following tweet to New York Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker (HT Twitchy):


Gosh, I can think of another government chief executive to whom that question is far more relevant.

So can a lot of other tweeters who responded to Gregory's tweet (minor edits were done to certain of these tweets for clarity):

"I'll take "Questions I Don't Recall David Gregory Asking at the Start of the IRS Scandal" for $400, Alex."

"Hey, @DavidGregory, I'm looking, but I can't find the tweet where you say the burden is on Obama RE: IRS abuse. Can you link it? Thanks."

"I second the question. Ask the same question of Obama & the NSA, IRS, EPA, DOJ and on & on!"

"@davidgregory, how about proving @BarackObama did not create an environment where #IRS could TARGET conservatives w/impunity?"

"@davidgregory @peterbakernyt I'm not a Christie supporter but David, why aren't you asking the same question of Obama?"

I'd say it's because he wouldn't like the answer.

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