MSNBC Harris-Perry Hootenanny: America's 'Sacralizing Sperm,' Pro-lifers 'Don't Want Poor Women to Have Joy' [Sex]

November 16th, 2013 11:43 PM

Via Josh Feldman at Mediaite, we learn that Saturday’s Melissa Harris-Perry hootenanny on MSNBC once again addressed that the Lean Forward Network calls “The All-Out Assault on Women.” A feminist support circle discussed how pro-lifers should be banned from all “decision-making tables” and America needs to stop “sacralizing sperm.”

That transparently anti-Catholic crack came from religion professor Anthea Butler, causing Harris-Perry to proclaim “Anthea Butler wins Nerdland for the day!” The Commissar who will ban pro-lifers from debates is amazingly humorless “Daily Show” founder Lizz Winstead:

LIZZ WINSTEAD: I never have understood how anybody gets a seat at any decision-making table by saying two different things. One: “I’m not a doctor, and I know nothing about science, but –“ Okay, out! Two: “I want to reduce the number of abortions, and the way I want to do that is to remove access to affordable birth control.” You? Out!

This is quite amazing, since no one at the MSNBC table seemed to be doctor  and there may be no one at the table with a bachelor's degree in science. So how are they more qualified to judge when human life begins than a pro-lifer? But "comedians" are apparently the most qualified scientists in America. The Sandra Fluke Sisterhood continued:

IRIN CARMON, In Ohio, the quote-unquote right-to-life [movement] is suing to block the Medicaid expansion, which does not cover abortion. It covers contraception. And they – you know, there’s a split, but there’s two groups that are suing that don’t want low-income women to have access to contraception.

HARRIS-PERRY: So no contraception, no abortion – compulsory pregnancy – and then, the children that you have, have to be hungry. Because that is what will punish you for having had sex.

WINSTEAD: That’s right.

HARRIS-PERRY: That is what will punish you.

WINSTEAD: They don’t want poor women to have joy.

ANTHEA BUTLER: No they don’t, and they want to sacralize sperm, and it’s time we quit sacralizing sperm in this country, and making it the most important thing that there is.

Butler sounds like she's been watching and rewinding through the satirical song "Every Sperm Is Sacred" in Monty Python's Meaning of Life, and of course "pro-choice" activists have sung this song at pro-life protesters to mock their beliefs.