Time Highlights Letter: 'Hell = Spending Eternity with Evangelicals'

Time magazine is so biased that it even slams conservative Christians in the letters to the editor. Former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham's piece on pastor Rob Bell asking "Is Hell Dead?" apparently drew only one letter of opposition worth printing. Here's the one Time put in bold, large type:

"Hell is easy to define. It would be spending eternity with evangelicals." -- Don Koons, DALLAS

Googling Don Koons in Dallas leads to a web site for....Judge Don Koons Mediations Services, where they promise "Judge Don Koons mediation services reflect many years of divorce and family law experience, understanding and a well known calm demeanor that helps people feel at ease."

Unless you're an evangelical, and then the calm demeanor and the ease go out the window.

The one letter defending the reality of Hell came from Valerie Stevens of Solvang, California: "Not only is he a loving God; he is also a perfect gentleman. He would never force anyone who hated him or his ways to spend eternity with him. Hell is simply the place where God is not."

The more typical letter, endorsing Time's point of view, came from Arlen Grossman of Monterey, California:

No wonder we can't overcome the serious difficulties that plague our country. While Americans believe in imaginary, unproven concepts like heaven, hell, God, and angels, they are ill equipped to develop the critical, independent thinking necessary to confront the challenging dilemmas we face. Heaven help us -- or better yet, let's use our reality-based imagination to help us solve real-world problems.

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