Time Offers Dan Savage Space to Trash Conservatives, Hail Michelle the 'Glamour Supernova'

In this week's issue, Time magazine followed Newsweek in honoring gay sex columnist Dan Savage and offering him space to trash conservatives. The liberal media sets Savage up as an anti-bullying activist, then lets him push conservative faces in the dirt. In December Newsweek printed him saying "F--- John McCain" and asserting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was clearly a "c---sucker."  In their Ten Questions feature honoring his "It Gets Better" videos affirming homosexual children, Time asked him "Who hasn't made a video yet who you hope will?" This allowed Savage to insist conservatives don't care if homosexual children (or children who think they might be) commit suicide:

Rick Santorum. Tim Pawlenty. Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck. The Prime Minister of Britain, who leads the Conservative Party there, made a video, and we haven't seen one from anyone on the right in the U.S. to even say, You're 14 and gay. Don't kill yourself.

What Savage really wants is what David Cameron of Britain provided: a "Conservative" who's 100 percent in agreement with government celebrating homosexuality. Cameron says in his video:

Britain is a diverse, open, tolerant place. This is not the sort of country where we label people for being different. Just look at the massive progress that’s been made on making this country more fair. Today same-sex couples can have their relationship legally recognized. People in our armed forces can be open about who they are. Equality laws are fighting discrimination at work, and in society. Now of course, there’s more that needs to be done, which is why this government is working hard to tackle homophobic bullying and drive it out of our schools. But overall, Britain is a place where you can be who you want to be – and we should celebrate that.  

At the end of the video for Stonewall UK is the message "Some people are gay. Get over it!" This is in line with Savage, who despises the "dehumanizing bigotries" of traditional Christianity and feels like the news media should ban all Christian conservatives from speaking critically of homosexuality on television -- out of compassion and tolerance. Time continued its Savage interview by informing or reminding the Time reader that Savage deeply hates Rick Santorum:

It seems unlikely that Santorum will participate. Because of you, if one Googles Santorum, a very inappropriate definition is the first hit.

Rick Santorum has said insanely offensive things about gay and lesbian couples. He was a two-term sitting U.S. Senator with a lot of power, and my readers and I are a bunch of jackasses without a lot of power. We made a joke at his expense, and now he [plays] the victim, which is all Republicans seem capable of doing these days.

You recently attended an antibullying conference at the White House. Did you meet the President?

No. But I was 20 feet away from him and the glamour supernova that is Michelle Obama. It's staggering how charismatic and beautiful she is. It takes a lot for a woman to ping onto my radar like that.

The interview ended with the question "What advice can you give readers of TIME?" His message was that marital or sexual fidelity is very unrealistic -- which would seem to ruin the idea that "gay marriage" has the same meaning or expectations as opposite-sex marriage:

We talk about love in a way that's very unrealistic: "If you're in love, you're not going to want to have sex with anyone else but that person." That's not true. We need to acknowledge that truth so that people don't have to spend 40 years of marriage lying to and policing each other.

Savage probably feels that most of the Ten Commandments are unrealistic, if it's not "bullying" to even speak of such a religious concept in the Savage Utopia, where the Bible-thumpers cannot speak in public.

You can also see Savage's aversion to criticism in Time asking their own "Ten Questions" instead of their normal method of soliciting them from readers. Some of us might have had some entertaining inquiries about Savage's writings (or "terrorizing" Gary Bauer with his flu germs) to send in.

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