Lolo Says No-No to Sex; ‘Infuriates’ Liberal Entertainment Media

June 1st, 2012 11:48 AM

Once upon a time waiting to have sex until marriage was seen as a beautiful thing, well that time has come and gone according to the liberal media.

Lolo Jones is a 29-year old Olympic track star who recently came under the left’s scrutiny after openly speaking about her virginity on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.” She said her reason for sharing something so personal was, “because she wants other girls who have made the same decision to know that they are not alone and that it’s not easy.”


Here we have a woman, who despite heavy cultural pressure to conform, decided to stand up for what she believes in and set a good moral example for young girls to follow. Yet much like in the case of Tim Tebow, the media’s response to sexually pure role models has been to launch an all out attack.

The Olympic hurdler was slammed on May 29 by The Frisky’s Alexandra Gekas who authored “The Soapbox: Why Lolo Jones’ Reason For Staying A Virgin Infuriates Me” on that celebrity blog. Slate’s Emily Shire also criticized Jones on May 31 in an XX Factor column called, “Is Being a 29-Year-Old Virgin Really an Accomplishment?”

Both articles argued that the biggest problem with the Jones’ public statements about her virginity was the fact that it was more about her husband rather than herself. Shire remarked “That Jones makes her virginity into a prize is also problematic because it is not ultimately even a decision for herself. Jones stated during the interview that ‘It’s just a gift I want to give my husband.’ Really, something that supposedly involves more work and discipline than making the Olympics is for some person you haven’t even met yet?”

It is astonishing how both these authors failed to see value in the selfless nature of the athlete’s decision and instead chose to portray it as some sort of flawed, outdated ideology. Shire even accused Jones of “feeding into a mythical cult of virginity” suggesting that “rewarding chastity” is as wrong as ridiculing it.

Gates and Shire were not the only ones to berate Jones’ decision; TMZ produced a segment titled “Virgin Talk” in an effort to further ridicule her. Amid the crude sexual references, the bit features a discussion about Jones in which one woman stated in a tone to indicate how pathetic chastity is: “This poor girl, she has some cats. She’s 29. She’s telling everyone about being a virgin … It’s just not a stereotype you want to lend yourself to.”