Today’s Media-Leftist Lie: The Internet ‘As We Know It’…Is Over. Well, It ‘Could’ Be. Maybe

June 11th, 2018 1:50 PM

The Net Neutrality that ends today - was in place for just over twelve months. Get that?  One year with Net Neutrality - preceded by two-plus decades without it. So we are today returning to an Internet status quo - that has been the greatest success story in the history of humanity.

A Net Neutrality-free status quo that allowed for the growth of the Internet from “What’s that?” - to 1/6th of our entire $20 trillion economy. Never in the entire history of the cliche “If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it” - has it been more applicable than it is here.   

But because today’s the day Net Neutrality goes away - the Media-Left lies are being delivered in overdrive.  Millions of words typed - all to put forward all sorts of hooey to yet again try to gin up support for this massive overdose of overregulation. As usual, the Media-Left’s overreach is massive.  The affectations overwrought.  The fantasies blinkered and delusional.

Just another day at the Media-Left office.

Here goes…

The Web as You Know It May Soon Be Altered as Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules End

We’ve said it many times before - and we’ll say it again.  Because the Media keeps engaging in this nonsense.

No actual news headline contains speculative words like “May.”  News is…news.  Not guesswork.

If the headline contains any word like “May,” the Media aren't engaged in reporting - they’re engaged in fortune telling.

And “The Web as you know it” is - on a massive percentage basis - a Web without Net Neutrality.  Again: Twenty-plus years without Net Neutrality - one year with Net Neutrality.

So what the Trump Administration just did - is restore the Web as you know it. 

Oh: And sports issue “rules” - governments issue regulations.  But “regulations” sounds awful - so the Media-Left instead use “rules.”

The Repeal of Net Neutrality Is Official. Here’s How That Could Affect You

There’s another speculative word: “Could.”  This isn’t news reporting - it’s a Carnac impersonation.

Oh: And here’s how it will affect you - the Internet will again be allowed to grow at the exponential rate it has for the last two-plus decades.  Now that this massive government imposition has been removed.  

Four Ways to Survive the End of Net Neutrality Today

Melodramatic much?  Here’s how you survive a restoration of the two-decade-status-quo: Maintain normal respiratory activity.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Mean You Have to Pay Extra to Use Facebook or YouTube

“Could” - more media soothsaying.  Except it’s really bad soothsaying.  Because Net Neutrality’s repeal really, actually won’t mean any such thing.

In the two-plus decades without Net Neutrality - did you ever pay extra for Facebook or YouTube?

No.  You did not.  And you won’t now.

Because we who are opposed to Net Neutrality - simply wanted a return to that two-plus decades of Net Neutrality-free, no-extra-charge massive success.  

So Long to Net Neutrality, Hello to Bigger Telecoms? The Web You Know May Never Be the Same

Speaking of speculative - a question mark in the headline?  News reporting is answering questions - not asking them.

And we know the answer.  The Telecoms will be roughly as big after the one year of Net Neutrality - as they were in the twenty-plus years before Net Neutrality.

Which is dramatically smaller than the companies that spent years - and hundreds of millions of dollars - trying to get Net Neutrality imposed.

Any one of which - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft,… - can afford to purchase every single Telecom in the United States all at once.

The Changes Your ISP Could Make after Net Neutrality Deregulation

Again: “Could.”  The Media yet again playing guessing games.  

And the changes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) wants to make - were just made.  No mas Net Neutrality.  ISPs wanted to get rid of this massive government overreach - and get back to the preceding two decades and that glorious status quo.

I mean, the ISPs want to continue making speeds faster and faster - as they have been for years.  And making their service cheaper-per-byte-used by miles and miles - as they have been for years.

But I doubt you’ll object to those changes.  And those changes will now be much easier to make - without the massive Net Neutrality overreach in place.

A New Internet Era Begins - the End of Net Neutrality Is Here

Again: No - this is not a “new era.”  This is a return to the Internet era that represents 98+% of its history.

Say you have two normal legs - and the government breaks one.  You set the leg, endure the downtime - and then return to normal activity.  That isn’t the inception of a “new era” - it’s a return to normalcy. 

Net Neutrality was the government breaking the Web’s leg.  The wound…is now healed. And now we’re back to normal.


All of the above pseudo-“news” stories - are just from over-the-weekend and this morning.

And we could go on, and on, and on, and….

But you get the idea.

Here are the facts:

Net Neutrality is gone.  As it absolutely should be.

A Net Neutrality-free Internet - is the Internet status quo.  It’s “The Internet as we know it.”

Everything you knew about the Internet the first two-plus decades - is what you know about the Internet now.

Everything else being flung at you by the Media-Left - is just ideological monkey poo.