This Week in Media Bias History: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Fundamentally Honest’

If you drink coffee while reading This Week in Media Bias History, you might want to put the mug down. According to the former executive editor of the New York Times, Hillary Clinton is “fundamentally honest.” That was the assertion from Jill Abramson on March 28, 2016. Another example of liberal media lunacy: Then-View co-host Rosie O’Donnell revealing herself as a 9/11 truther on March 29, 2007. (It wouldn't be the last time she would make such out-there claims.) 

Below are Rich Noyes’s collected tweets from the 13th week of This Day in Media Bias History. To get the latest daily examples, be sure and follow Noyes on Twitter. To see recaps of the first 12 weeks, go here.) 


March 24:



March 25: 



March 26: 



March 27: 



March 28:



March 29: 



March 30: 


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