Meghan McCain Blasts Twitter Over Double Standard on Conservatives

The female co-hosts of ABC’s The View are certainly no strangers to controversy, but on Thursday, the panelists turned their attention from mostly liberal topics to criticizing Twitter for allowing numerous harsh posts to remain on the social network website.

The discussion took a deeply personal tone when conservative co-host Meghan McCain described what she went through when a doctored photo invaded her grief after her father and Arizona Republican Senator John McCain passed away on August 25.

Of course, the women began by hammering the popular website for refusing to suspend Louis Farrakhan over a video of the Nation of Islam leader stating: “I’m not an ant-Semite. I’m an anti-Termite.”

Liberal co-host Joy Behar then read a note from Twitter that stated the company’s “new policy on dehumanizing speech” -- which is what this is, she noted -- “is set to go into effect later this year.”



McCain then stated that Twitter has placed bans (of various lengths) on such conservatives as actor James Woods, activist Roger Stone, firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos and Turning Point USA's Candace Owens.

She then declared:

My problem is: I had an experience after my father died, when I was still at his funeral, where a picture went viral of someone who had put a picture of me crying over my father’s casket with a Glock pointed at my head.

It was up all day. The only reason it was taken down was because my husband went absolutely “ape-crap,” got involved, called people he knew who worked in Congress to get involved.

As a result, the conservative co-host noted, “Congress people have now testified” about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, “who said it was inappropriate and should have been taken down further.” She started to reveal that Dorsey said “he would apologize to me; he has not, by the way...adding more pain,” but she was cut off by her fellow co-hosts engaging in crosstalk. McCain eventually conclude that it “add[ed] more pain in my life during the worst point of time in my life.”

“Technology has real ramifications,” she added. “It made that experience exponentially more painful.”

McCain also noted:

Now, I have a husband who knows Congress people, my father was a sitting senator, so it got taken down at some point. What if you are somebody who lives in Ohio, who has something like this doctored, who doesn’t have this kind of access? They have to do better.

Back on Tuesday, McCain called out liberals for defending Senator Elizabeth Warren after DNA test results showed that the Massachusetts senator greatly exaggerated her Native American heritage.

She added that the same claims about heritage made by a Republican would have resulted in “a lot of Democrats going crazy.”

And on Monday, The View co-hosts surprised everyone when they criticized Hillary Clinton for attempting to “change the subject” whenever her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is accused of sexual impropriety.

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