On Wednesday, Starbucks added itself to the long list of companies announcing moves benefiting employees while crediting the tax law passed in December. The company's strong leftist pedigree is making things awkward for the left-leaning press, which has, among other things, conveniently forgotten that just three months ago, Howard Schultz, the company's executive chairman and former CEO, slammed the Republicans' tax-cut plan as "fool's gold," claiming that corporate America "does not need" a sharp cut in its top tax rate.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo certainly seems to have a selective memory when it comes to recalling how his own show has responded to Democrat and Republican “scandals.” After Senator Cory Booker launched an angry lecture against Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for not remembering whether or not President Trump said “sh**hole” during a private White House meeting last week, the RNC took a note from the left, accusing Booker of “mansplaining” to Nielsen.

Yeah, good luck with that. The perpetual outrage machine that is the left's pathological loathing for President Trump keeps reaching new lows in absurdity, albeit only on an hourly basis. Plenty of liberals have labeled Trump's tweet slamming Democrat Senator and potential 2020 opponent Kirsten Gillibrand as "sexual harassment." But liberal radio host Thom Hartmann went beyond that and described it -- I'm not making this up -- as grounds for impeachment.

Como ya saben, el presidente Donald Trump se refirió a la senadora Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) como “Pocahontas” en un evento de la Casa Blanca en el que se honró a los heróicos “code Talkers” Navajo de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Pero el noticiero nacional de Univision, al igual que los demás medios, omitieron la parte más importante de la cobertura del revuelo más reciente sobre el apodo con el cual el presidente se refiere a una posible oponente demócrata en el 2020.

On Tuesday night's Daily Show on Comedy Central, host Trevor Noah dared to go where most of the mainstream media fail to tread. Namely exactly why President Donald Trump calls Senator Elizabeth Warren by the name of "Pocahontas." He revealed that it was not so much an ethnic slur as a mockery of Warren's highly dubious claim to have American Indian ancestry.

A person assumes a fake ethnic identity in  order to advance their career. If you guessed this person to be Elizabeth Warren who passed herself off as an Indian in order to be hired as a minority on the Harvard faculty you would be right. However, you would also be right if you  guessed the person to be the new Marvel comics editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, who years ago pretended to be Japanese in order to advance his career every bit as much as Warren did.

President Trump referred to liberal Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a potential 2020 presidential rival, as “Pocahontas” while honoring Navajo code talkers from World War II, and White House reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis was not having it. Her Tuesday’s New York Times report accused Trump of inflicting a “racially charged controversy” upon the ceremony. Yet the fact that Warren long claimed a phony Native American heritage to further her academic career at Harvard apparently wasn’t in itself “racially charged.” Davis quickly slapped the race card down on Trump alone, in “At Event for Code Talkers, Trump Again Derides Warren as ‘Pocahontas.”’

As you know by now, President Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as "Pocahontas" at a White House event honoring the legendary Navajo Code Talkers. But Univision's national newscast, like most media, left the most important part out of their coverage of the latest brouhaha related to the nickname the President uses to refer to his likely 2020 Democrat opponent.

The network news divisions boast about how much they care about the truth, and rage against President Trump when he calls them makers of “fake news.” But when it comes to the politicians they adore, especially those they wish would run for president, the truth takes a back seat. Exhibit A right now is Elizabeth Warren, who falsely claimed in professional directories to be descended from Cherokee Indians.

Tuesday’s Morning Joe opened with sixteen solid minutes of discussion about the most pressing news story of the day – President Trump calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” yesterday at a ceremony honoring Navajo World War II veterans. The show’s liberal panelists not only wholeheartedly swallowed Warren’s argument that the word “Pocahontas” is a racial slur, but also came up with an elaborate theory that Trump was not simply making fun of Warren, but actually trying to send a “coded” appeal to the “white nationalist,” “racist elements” of his base. Mika Brzezinski also personally attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for “shill[ing]” for Trump’s “racism” and “bigotry” and suggested that she was a bad mother who shouldn’t be able to face her children.

Boston Herald Washington chief Kimberly Atkins revealed during Monday’s The 11th Hour just how “really stung” she was by President Trump’s Pocahontas comment about Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) to the point that this one comment made for a “bad” and “sad day” for America. Really.

On Monday, President Trump caused a stir in the liberal media when he mocked Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” during an Oval Office event to honor the work of Navajo code talkers during World War II. The three networks rushed to claim Trump was whipping around a racial slur, but meanwhile, they brushed over where the moniker came from: Warren’s dubious claims she was of Native-American heritage, which she used to gain an advantage in forwarding her career.