View’s Behar: 2020 Shy Trump Voters Are ‘the Same' as Racist President

October 30th, 2020 11:58 AM

For a Halloween even edition of The View on Friday, the show’s liberal hosts discussed their fears. Shockingly, it mostly revolved around election day. Joy Behar conceded to be frightened of the so-called “secret Trump” voter. She slimed these Americans (and validated why they don’t tell people who they are supporting) by saying that any shy Trump fan will prove in 2020 they are just…

Gross: ‘View’ Star Accuses GOP Senators of ‘Flirting’ With Barrett

October 14th, 2020 4:40 PM

Apparently there’s no way a smart conservative woman can succeed unless she’s using her feminine powers to get ahead.  That’s the hateful take from View co-host Joy Behar. The arch liberal tweeted this on Wednesday afternoon: “These Republican senators (Sasse and now Cruz) are shamelessly flirting with ACB. Obnoxious.” 

Can’t Touch This! Hollywood Struggles To Hurt Amy Coney Barrett

October 13th, 2020 3:59 PM

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Amy Coney Barrett is just too good. Not only is she a God-fearing conservative with pro-life views and seven children, she’s the reached the heights of career success that most secular liberal women only dream of.


FLASHBACK: Media’s Most VICIOUS and BIGOTED Attacks on Mike Pence

July 30th, 2020 9:00 AM

The following are the worst attacks on Vice President Pence from the liberal press and Hollywood elitists.


View’ Crew Devotes 25 Minutes to Bolton, ‘Patriotic' to Vote Biden

June 24th, 2020 5:36 PM

The liberal co-hosts of The View on Wednesday used John Bolton's new book as a campaign platform to lobby for Joe Biden’s election as president. The women devoted an amazing 24 minutes and 50 seconds to Bolton’s new book, lobbying the former Trump official to vote for the Democrat as the “patriotic” thing to do against the current “mob” boss president. 


11 Hollywood Lefties Who Hate Americans Who Want to Get Back to Work

May 20th, 2020 2:30 PM
In one of the richest counties in America, hundreds of cars line up for food assistance. It’s a scene repeated around the country. But mega-millionaire actor Robert De Niro wants the economy to stay shut down, warning of “a global ecological collapse.” Business owners have been fined or jailed from New York to California just for trying to serve their customers, but to fat cat…

Biden-Backing Behar Wants You to Forget THIS Defense of ‘Dog’ Clinton

May 5th, 2020 4:51 PM
Liberal View co-host Joy Behar on Tuesday defended Joe Biden against sexual assault allegations, lashing out against those who would suggest Biden step aside. She hypocritically whined about the left having to be “pure as the driven” snow unlike conservatives. The View host probably doesn’t want to be reminded of her noxious defense of “dog” Bill Clinton and of Ted…

TOP 16: Journalists Coldly Claim Trump and GOP Want Thousands to Die

April 21st, 2020 9:00 AM
From MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace whining about Donald Trump tweeting “like a punk” while thousands die to her colleague Joe Scarborough cursing Republicans for sacrificing World War II veterans to Wall Street, the following are the 16 worst coronavirus crisis quotes by journalists from the past week-and-half.

Column: Press Briefings and Ego Bruisings

March 25th, 2020 6:44 AM
One of the more tiresome partisan polkas we’ve witnessed in the Trump years is the herky-jerky dancing around the White House briefing. First, journalists insist it’s a dangerously undemocratic practice to avoid a daily briefing. Then when suddenly there are daily briefings for a public-health crisis, journalists insist it’s a dangerous practice to air these briefings live…

Angry About Acquittal, Redoing the Russia Hoax and Pushing Dems Left

February 28th, 2020 3:42 PM
Over the past month liberal journalists were infuriated by “dark” Donald Trump’s “bizarre” State of the Union performance and his “vindictive,” “viperous” victory speech after his impeachment acquittal. Lefty hosts like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell tried to redo the Russian hoax. Meanwhile liberal debate moderators…

Liberal Theron Questions ‘Instant’ Suspicion Over Her Playing Fox Star

December 17th, 2019 4:10 PM
Appearing on The View, liberal actor Charlize Theron changed her tone about playing former Fox News star Megyn Kelly in a new sexual harassment film Bombshell. The actress, who said it was “harder” playing a serial killer than the conservative journalist, can’t imagine why there is “instant” suspicion against her taking the role. 

Nets Bury Kamala Harris Laughing at ‘Retard’ Insult Against Trump

September 9th, 2019 1:28 PM
Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris gleefully laughed on Friday when a voter mocked Donald Trump with what is considered a slur against handicapped people. Yet, NBC has still not covered the incident. ABC and CBS have offered scant coverage and The View hosts defended the intentions of the Democratic senator. On Friday, a man at a Harris rally asked about Trump: “What are…

Unforgiving Behar to Kashuv: Take ‘Gap Year to Contemplate Racism!'

June 18th, 2019 2:10 PM
View co-host Joy Behar, who has a history of saying awful things she ends up regretting, had little sympathy for Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland shooting survivor who just had his acceptance to Harvard University revoked. The move by Harvard came in the wake of the revelation that, at age 16, Kashuv made racist and anti-Semitic comments in an online forum. 

Joy Behar: Climate Change Could Prevent Joe Biden From Curing Cancer

June 14th, 2019 9:04 AM
If Donald Trump announced today that he’s going to find a cure for cancer tomorrow, liberals would whine and complain that a lot of people with medical careers would unfairly be put out of work. But when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made such an outlandish claim, the women on ABC’s The View program applauded the promise even though co-host Joy Behar warned that…