WashPost Dissenter: Kathleen Parker Hails 'Jiminy Cricket' Lindsey Graham on Kavanaugh

September 30th, 2018 10:34 AM

Kathleen Parker is going against the grain of her Washington Post colleagues on Sunday. While the Outlook section carries headlines like "Kavanaugh is lying, his upbringing explains why," and "Why senators 'believe' Ford, but side with Kavanaugh, Parker hailed Senator Lindsey Graham as "Sen. Jiminy Cricket," the conscience of the Senate.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) may have become a momentary hero for Democrats hoping to block Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh, but Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) has cinched the role as the Jiminy Cricket of the U.S. Senate.

Never one to shy away from cameras or fall short on quotable one-liners, Graham came out swinging during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings Thursday and Friday. Fearing no consequence, apparently, he railed against his Democratic colleagues with righteous outrage and said what was obviously true.

Uh-oh! Membership in the "mainstream" media bubble... Cancelled!

Love him or not — and who doesn’t love Jiminy Cricket? — Graham said in a very loud non-whisper what every sensible, fair-minded person was surely thinking: The hearings that ultimately brought both Kavanaugh and Ford to tears were driven by a partisan quest for power without regard for the human collateral damage.

...It is true, however, that the pitiable spectacle of first Ford and then Kavanaugh being questioned showed that Senate Democrats were willing to martyr their own best witness against Kavanaugh to delay confirmation and, assuming they win the Senate in the midterm elections, block President Trump from appointing any more conservatives to the high court.

Graham’s passionate commentary was thus a rallying cry to Republican voters, whose intensity has been flickering next to highly motivated Democrats, especially women. By Friday, he was calmer and more relaxed, perhaps because he believed Flake was onboard. He spelled out the reasons Ford’s story wasn’t compelling enough to keep Kavanaugh off the bench — no supporting evidence or testimony, not even a time or place.

Not even a chance for her now to seek liberal forgiveness in the future. 

Let us take a walk down memory lane during her liberal years which began in the autumn of 2008, when the liberals quickly embraced her and brought her out of relative obscurity for awhile. NewsBusters vet Mark Finkelstein noted the not-so-strange sudden notoriety of Parker, the new television star:

Before a few weeks ago, I don't recall seeing Kathleen Parker much on TV. But tuning into Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC show this afternoon, there she was. And when I got back from the gym and fired up my DVR of David Gregory's "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?" Yup, Parker redux.

Let's see. What might possibly explain Kathleen Parker's sudden popularity on MSNBC? You don't suppose it could conceivably have anything to do with her September column calling on Sarah Palin to step down from the GOP ticket, do you?

Following that initial embrace by liberals, Parker herself seemed to acquire their attitudes. Although she never went as moonbat crazy as "conservative" Jennifer Rubin, she did have her moments. Parker's pinnacle before performing a slow fade was when she co-hosted a CNN show with Eliot Spitzer of socks-over-bony-legs prostitute-sex scandal fame. Our late great Noel Sheppard weighed in on the absurdity of pitting liberal Spitzer against conservative-in-name-only Parker: 

With all the conservative columnists out there, if you were looking for an author to represent the right-wing view in a new Crossfire-like program, would you choose Kathleen Parker who lately has largely presented herself as a Republican In Name Only?

...Leave it to CNN to create a new version of Crossfire with a "conservative" that will find a lot to agree on with her liberal foe.

After all, this is a woman who said in April that she won the Pulitzer Prize for bashing conservatives. Days later, she told CBS's Bob Schieffer that Tea Party rhetoric was dangerous.

Of course a show of basically liberal vs liberal failed in the ratings, and Parker left after only four months. Despite Parker's return to relative obscurity after that flop, NewsBusters kept the flame of her faded memory alive in our archives which can be perused for her many liberal outbursts over the years lasting until just recently when after predicting the removal of Trump from office within two years in February 2017 to wondering last June if Trump is making America mentally ill