Bozell, Conservative Leaders Demand Media Cover Clinton/Russia Uranium Deal; ‘The Censorship Must End’

October 26th, 2017 5:13 PM

On Thursday afternoon, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell led a team of a dozen conservative leaders in demanding the major broadcast networks fulfill their “duty to the American public” and end the censorship of the Clinton/Russian uranium deal. 

Nearly identical letters were each sent to ABC News President James Goldston, CBS News President David Rhodes, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim. 

In each, the leaders demanded the three networks report on “what may be one of the most wide ranging scandals of our time” and “a story of Watergate-like significance with wide ranging national security implications involving officials at the highest levels of power in the U.S. government.”

It also included a breakdown of media coverage thus far with a pitiful 20 seconds on the October 24 ABC’s World News Tonight and a scant 99 seconds of coverage in a 69-second Q&A on the October 22, Face the Nation and a 30-second mention on the October 25, CBS This Morning(links added). Shamefully, NBC has yet to cover the story on any of their newscasts (Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, and Today).

Bozell was joined in the signing the letter by the following leaders: Citizens United President David Bossie, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon, Let Freedom Ring President Colin Hanna, American Commitment President Phil Kerpen, Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin, Clifford May, Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning, The Heritage Foundation's Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus Edwin Meese III, Foley and Lardner LLP Partner Cleta Mitchell, Esq., American Family Association Director of Governmental Affairs Sandy Rios, American Principles Project Executive Director Terry Schilling, historian and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley, and Conservative HQ Chairman Richard Viguerie.

After the letter was sent, The Weyrich Lunch’s Chairman Morton Blackwell joined onto the letter.

You can read the full letter here.