Media Mash: End of Occupy Wall Street Edition

November 18th, 2011 8:40 AM

Media silence greeted video of an Occupy Wall Street protester vowing to burn New York City to the ground and toss Molotov cocktails into a Macy's department store, yet there was "non-stop media coverage" of the alleged, but never proven, use of the N-word at one Tea Party rally, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted last night on Fox News Channel's Hannity.

"Look at the violence you're starting to see, the rapes, the assaults... I'm starting to hold the national news media responsible for this as well" as well as New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the Media Research Center founder added [video follows page break]:

[T]hey're not telling the truth, they're not telling the American people what's going on and this is being allowed to continue. 

If the public, if the millions of people watching ABC, NBC,  CBS and reading the New York Times and the Washington Post, if they saw and if they read, if they knew what was going on out there, they wouldn't stand for this. This is, I'm starting to hold the media responsible.

Also discussed on the November 17 "Media Mash" segment were CNN correspondent Dan Lothian's sycophantic question to President Obama at an APEC summit press conference and a new MRC study comparing the media's reticence in labeling the 2008 Democratic primary candidates as liberal with their prolific use of ideological descriptors for 2012 GOP candidates.