Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell had a good laugh about MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry in a special Friday night edition of “Media Mash.”

“You’ve got this other host comparing Obamacare, using the word Obamacare to the moral equivalent of using the N-word, and I’m not making this up,” Hannity promised. (Video and transcript below)

On Thursday night's Media Mash on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell were quick off the mark, denouncing Chris Matthews for failing to press Barack Obama about the broken promises and lies of Obamacare.

Both men lined up questions they would have asked. "Let's say little old Sean Hannity gets to interview the president. What, at this moment, you have an audience of kids, what are the main questions that you think, that you would ask the president?" (Video, transcript below)

On Thursday's "special edition" of "Media Mash" on Fox News, Sean Hannity talked to Juan Williams about a meeting of journalists and cable-news hosts he was invited to by the Obama White House. Williams said attendees included MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell, David Corn of Mother Jones, Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post, and Washington Post bloggers Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent.

MRC president Brent Bozell guessed one idea that wasn't expressed at the meeting was when the president would consent to an interview with tough questions. This came before news of another syrupy sitdown with ABC's Barbara Walters. Has Obama sat down with Fox News since Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl interview in February of 2011? (Update: Yes, with Chris Wallace in September, all about Syria.)

On Thursday night’s Media Mash on the Hannity show on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell laughed about MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish, Ed Schultz, and Chris Matthews being the Three Stooges of Obamacare for attacking anyone (including the "so-called independent media") who’s admitting there was a rollout fiasco.

When they turned to how MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe and CNN’s Sanjay Gupta (who originally planned in 2009 to join the Obama administration to sell Obamacare) both used crappy-automobile analogies to disparage policies that were being cancelled by Obama, Bozell made Hannity laugh some more: (Video and transcript below)

On Thursday night’s edition of “Media Mash” on the Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell discussed how you should “bring a laugh meter” to the coverage of desperate media liberals who are trying to insist against all the mounting evidence that Obamacare is not a debacle, and Obama never misled anyone about it.

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz even insisted the media are too concerned about their own appearance of integrity to admit the obvious, that Obamacare is so positive, has such a tremendous impact, that the press is afraid to praise it. Bozell said someone on MSNBC needs medication, because this is “an ongoing epidemic of dishonesty.”

In their weekly “Media Mash” segment, Fox host Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell discussed Ed Schultz’s latest embarrassing rant: that Speaker John Boehner is guilty of “treason” over the shutdown and that the “popularity” of Obamacare is just “killing” conservatives.

Hannity began: “Eddie Schultz is back, the guy that wanted to rip Dick Cheney's heart out, stomp on it and shove it back in him. He's frothing at the mouth about treasonous John Boehner.” (Video and transcript below)

While the media are busy painting Republicans -- particularly Tea Party-friendly conservatives in the House -- as the legislators who are ultimately responsible for the government shutdown, they are failing to note that "[t]he Democrats and the president have offered nothing" as a counteroffer on the continuing resolution to fund the government, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted on the October 3 edition of Hannity.

The Media Research Center founder argued that it's the same biased narrative with the liberal media as the last government shutdown in 1995, when Bill Clinton vetoed funding bills that had passed both houses of Congress. In this instance, it's a Democratic Senate refusing to sit down with a Republican House to hammer out a deal. "In the media coverage, 21 stories blaming Republicans, not one story blaming Democrats. And you know what's more interesting? You go back to 1995 and you will find the same networks, 23 times they blamed the Republicans. Not once did they blame the Democrats," Bozell noted. [listen to the MP3 audio here; watch the full "Media Mash" segment below the page break]

It "amazes" MSNBC's Ed Schultz "that people don't love Obama" and think he's doing a stellar job handling the economy. Reacting to a video clip of that absurd rant, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told the audience of Sean Hannity's September 19 program the reasons why.

There's "1.9 million less jobs" now than when President Obama took office, not to mention "47,600,000 Americans on food stamps" and "3 million people [who] have entered the rolls of poverty since [Obama] became president," the Media Research Center founder noted. "That's why they don't love him, everybody's having a very hard time" in the Obama economy and "Ed Schultz needs a dosage of reality," Bozell concluded. Hannity agreed, noting that when it comes to on-air Obamagasms, "he's giving Chris Matthews a run for his money." [watch the full "Media Mash" segment below the page break]  Bozell and Hannity also discussed how the media, particularly MSNBC's Alex Witt, sought to portray President Obama as "coming out the winner" in his bumbling handling of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis:

President Obama's push for military action against the Assad regime in Syria has some die-hard Obama acolytes at MSNBC finally speaking out against the president. "Even with Chris Matthews, the Obamagasm is gone," cracked Sean Hannity last night.  Does "the love story [end] here?" he asked NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on the September 5 program's "Media Mash" segment.

Not so fast, Bozell reminded Hannity, as Matthews quickly returned to form and slammed Republicans for their opposition to military action in Syria. "Obama knows he's in trouble when even Chris Matthews criticizes him.... But isn't it interesting that one day later, Chris Matthews went into his usual rant, calling anyone who disagreed with President Obama a hater?" [watch the full segment below the page break]

It doesn't take a special occasion for Chris Matthews to smear conservatives as racist, but the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's "I Have a Dream" speech was too good for the Hardball host to pass up. During special coverage of Wednesday's festivities, Matthews smeared "half the country" as opposing the chief executive because of the color of his skin, not the political and philosophical content of his governance.

"Let's try to follow the logic of Dr. Matthews here," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News host Sean Hannity on the August 29 edition of his eponymous program. "First he says if you're a Republican or a conservative" who dares to oppose any of Obama's policies, "you're a racist" but yet "if you can't find any evidence of any Republican or conservative saying anything racist, well, that means they're just not being honest about their racism." [watch the full segment below the page break]

One day before the one-year anniversary of Floyd Lee Corkins's failed terror attack on the Family Research Council -- he was inspired by a "hate map" by the Southern Poverty Law Center -- MSNBC brought on SPLC's Mark Potok to mislead viewers about the nature of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, insisting that the Tsarnaev brothers were not motivated by radical Islamic ideology so much as by right-leaning conspiracy theorist websites that investigators found in Tamerlan Tsarnaev's search history.

"This isn't the first time MSNBC has done this," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell reminded Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity during Hannity's August 15 "Media Mash" segment. Indeed, it was Hardball host Chris Matthews who on the day of the attack theorized that it was a homegrown right-wing terrorist responsible for the bombing because it occurred on Tax Day, Bozell noted. What's more, the Media Research Center founder added [for the full segment, watch the embedded video below the page break]:

On Thursday night’s “Media Mash” with Sean Hannity on Fox News, MRC president and "Collusion" author Brent Bozell unloaded on MSNBC star Chris Matthews for repeatedly citing conservative senators who are digging in against Obamacare as “terrorists.” Sean Hannity asked if MSNBC is so desperate for ratings that they’ll say anything now.

Brent said Chris Matthews isn’t a liberal any more. He’s a radical with no decency (video and transcript below):