CBS's Gayle King Heartily Endorses Bloomberg's Soda Ban Proposal

On Friday's CBS This Morning, Gayle King sided with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his controversial proposed ban of soft drinks over 16 ounces in size: "I'm all for anything that's going to make us healthy." Guest Jonathan Waxman, a chef in the Big Apple, also endorsed the Bloomberg plan: "I'm kind of happy that someone's making a stand here, because I think that it's empty calories." [audio available here; video below the jump]

Guest anchor Mo Rocca raised the Bloomberg controversy near the end of the segment with Waxman, who once appeared as contestant on Bravo's Top Chef Masters program in 2010: "We have to ask you about what you think of Mayor Bloomberg's decree, his edict that...the big sugary drinks are out."

The chef didn't directly answer the question at first. Instead, Waxman mentioned how he mentors schoolchildren to eat healthier and how he makes his own sweet drinks: "I mix soda myself at home -- fresh orange juice and soda water. That, to me, seems like the right thing for people to do."

King apparently wasn't satisfied by this answer, and asked, "Do you think the ban's a good idea? On the big drinks?" Waxman replied with his endorsement, and the Obama-boosting anchor seconded it:

Gayle King, CBS News Anchor | NewsBusters.orgWAXMAN: You know what? I think -- you know, I'd rather have people do it on their own, but if people need a road sign, why not? You know, I think -- you know, I'm kind of happy that someone's making a stand here, because I think that it's empty calories. It's not what we should be eating or drinking in our lives.

KING: All right-

ROCCA: He's making us healthier. I don't love the nanny state, but I love 'nanny' Bloomberg. (Rocca and King laugh)

WAXMAN: No, no. I one hundred percent agree. (laughs)

KING: Yes. Listen, I'm all for anything that's going to make us healthy. Thank you, Jonathan.

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