RINO Joe Scarborough Slams Gingrich and Romney as RINOs

MSNBC's faux conservative Joe Scarborough dismissed the conservative credentials of Republican front-runners Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney while promoting Jon Huntsman – the GOP darling of liberals like Jimmy Carter.

Scarborough's Politico op-ed ripped Gingrich and Romney for flip-flopping on issues like abortion and global warming. He strangely ignored the time where Huntsman, MSNBC's favorite Republican, called his fellow party members "anti-science" for disbelieving global warming – or when he supported civil unions for same sex couples.

Among the issues Scarborough singles out are Mitt Romney's flip-flopping on abortion, Newt Gingrich's appearance with Nancy Pelosi in a global warming commercial, the support of both candidates for an individual health insurance mandate, and Gingrich's opposition to the Paul Ryan plan. In contrast, he highlights the conservative positions of Huntsman on those matters.

But it is Scarborough himself who looks the worst of all for bashing other Republicans as RINOs. After all, the former congressman has routinely thrown members of his own party under the bus while working for the most liberal of the three cable news networks.

In the past, Scarborough has also advocated that Bill Clinton be able to run for a third presidential term, called conservative senate candidate Sharron Angle a "jackass," lauded Obama as the "adult" in his dealings with the GOP, and pleaded for the President to stand up to Republicans on last year's tax cut compromise.

But then again, since Scarborough has proven himself to be a Republican-In-Name-Only on numerous occasions, perhaps he has earned the authority to delegate the title to whomever he deems fit.

To read Scarborough's full op-ed in Politico, click here.

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