Jason Miller Slams Politico After Leftist Media Dogpile GETTR

August 2nd, 2021 3:31 PM

GETTR CEO Jason Miller fired back against Politico after the media outlet launched an attack against his new platform claiming that it is a hotbed for terrorist activity. Politico reported that free speech alternative platform GETTR was “inundated with terrorist propaganda spread by supporters of Islamic State.” The liberal media outlet further reported that GETTR “…

Politico: Georgia Democrats Say 'We're F***ed' With Voter ID Required

July 28th, 2021 11:35 AM

Politico carried an eye-grabbing headline: ‘We’re f---ed’: Dems fear turnout catastrophe from GOP voting laws." And: "There’s growing concern — bordering on alarm — about the potential impact in 2022 of the raft of new voting restrictions." Politico claimed without citing sources that 270,000 Georgians lack identification that would allow them to vote.


MRCTV On The Street: Hi, I'm From The DNC, Show Me Your Texts!

July 21st, 2021 2:41 PM

Sure, moderates or apolitical people probably think, “What are conservatives on about? Dems and the far left aren’t being crazy. They aren’t trying to find ways to be totalitarian dictators of a budding communist United States. That’s poppycock.” But then they see a recent Politico report on the DNC wanting to work with cell phone carriers to stop fake news, and realize (hopefully) we might be…


Well Then: Doocy Gets Psaki to Condemn Communism, Grills Her on U.N.

July 15th, 2021 7:19 PM

Three days after first asking her if the administration would condemn communism and the far-left ideology’s gruesome affect on life inside Cuba, Fox News’s Peter Doocy finally got White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to condemn on Thursday both communism and demand the regime grant “freedom” to the Cuban people.

Flashback: Politico Harshly Derided Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

July 10th, 2021 1:02 PM

On Friday, Politico published an article, "POLITICO-Harvard poll: Most Americans believe Covid leaked from lab," which revealed the results of a poll showing that a majority of both Republicans and Democrats now view the COVID-19 virus as having leaked from the Wuhan lab rather than it spreading naturally from a bat. The subtitle of the story, "Opinion on the lab leak…

Politico WORRIES About Republicans Exploiting CRT Issue in Virginia

July 7th, 2021 2:51 PM

Politico reporter Maya King offered a piece on Wednesday on how Critical Race Theory is affecting politics. Republicans are "hoping turn that discord into political capital." As if the Democrats and their race-based interest groups like the NAACP aren't using this for political gain?


WATCH: Doocy Calls Out Lefty Gaslighting on Defunding the Police

June 28th, 2021 6:29 PM

Monday’s White House press briefing quickly became an epic messaging embarrassment for the the Biden administration as, under questioning from the Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy, Press Secretary Jen Psaki argued that Republicans (and not Democrats) have defunded the police and gave the White House’s blessing to America-hating Olympian Gwen Barry.

At the Border, Politico Replaces Republicans 'Pounced' With 'Seized'

June 26th, 2021 2:23 PM

Politico has used "Republicans pounced" so much that it must have embarrassed them enough to change gears slightly and switch to "Republicans seized."

Jeff Greenfield: Divided GOP Civil War Is a Media Myth

May 15th, 2021 10:19 AM

Watch or read the mainstream media news and a constant theme they have been promoting incessantly since the election (and well before that) is of a divided Republican Party engaged in a civil war. Well, longtime political reporter and Politico columnist Jeff Greenfield took a look at that claim and described it as wishful thinking hogwash.

Politico Admits Purpose of 'Voting Rights' Bill Is to Elect Democrats

May 3rd, 2021 3:10 PM

Ooops! Politico lets slip that the real purpose of the 'Voting Rights' bill is to elect Democrats.

The Real Crisis Is the Media's Disregard for Facts and Truth

April 24th, 2021 4:12 PM

Two different topics, but the same problem: 1. There is no crisis at the border. 2. And “authorities say (Ma’Khia Bryant) was wielding a knife.” Thus reported, successively, Politico and NBC News produced two vivid examples of exactly why millions of Americans no longer trust the mainstream liberal media.

Keep It Quiet! Politico Signals Three Major Democrat Bills Are Doomed

April 23rd, 2021 12:36 PM

There is an upside to the media's extreme closeness to Democrats. They can tell us how Democrat insiders really feel about their chances to pass legislation. On Thursday, Politico signaled that not one, not two, but THREE major bills were doomed to fail in Congress.

Politico Refers to Hunter Biden as 'Noted Locomotive Expert'

April 4th, 2021 10:55 PM

Politico's "Transition Playbook" described Hunter Biden as a "noted locomotive expert." Were they kidding? How do you explain that? In 2007, Hunter proclaimed he commuted massively on Amtrak.

NEW NB Podcast: Politico Shames Biden on Avoiding the Word 'Crisis'

March 19th, 2021 4:44 PM

Even the "Politico Playbook" squad is tired of the Biden team trying to call the surge of illegal immigrants across the border a "challenge." They even called it "Orwellian." This happened because liberal Democrats and "immigration advocates" are frustrated with Biden from the Left. They want a more dramatic federal surge to meet the illegal-immigrant surge.