Obsessed Joe Scarborough's Meltdown: 'Donald! Donald! Hey, Donald!'

May 14th, 2020 9:30 AM

Rarely does a day go by without Morning Joe averring some variation on the notion that President Trump is not "well." But perhaps the time has come for Joe Scarborough himself to take a hard look in the mirror. The corrosive effects of his unrelenting hatred of the president seem to be taking a toll on Scarborough's psyche. During several points on Thursday's show, he just started yelling at the camera. 

We have collected several examples. First, Scarborough resorted to his shtick of repeatedly calling the President of the United States, "Donald." As though he could see the President in his mind, the MSNBC host went so far as to yell, "Donald! Donald! Hey, Donald. Put down your phone, and listen for a second."



Later, Scarborough bragged, "The media, I know they listen to me: What's Joe going to say?" Was Scarborough's boast made in jest? Perhaps, but even to joke about such a thing reveals Scarborough's fervent hope and fragile ego. Scarborough went on to instruct the MSM to ignore its own distortions, and focus instead on President Trump's alleged lies. "That's the news story that Americans want to hear," claimed the host.

Here's some of Scarborough's freak out: 

Morning Joe

6:17 AM

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Donald, I know you hate it when I tell you the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Please don't tweet them. Please don't tweet them.

SCARBOROUGH: I'm going to say again, Donald. I'm going to say again, Donald. These senior citizens that you're lying to: you're putting their lives at risk.

MIKA: Well, they know it.

SCARBOROUGH: And now they know it. Because as I told you months ago, I think it was, Donald! Donald! Hey, Donald. Put down your phone, and listen for a second!

. . . 

6:42 AM ET

SCARBOROUGH: All of his followers, too. They play along in this game in the media, online, on TV. They don't call him out on his 18,000 lies. But when the press makes a mistake, when Jimmy Kimmel tweets a video --

MIKA: Made a mistake --

SCARBOROUGH: And I made a mistake of retweeting that video, and apologized and took it down --

MIKA: Yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: Chuck Todd does something over the weekend, and everybody goes crazy.

. . . 

6:42 AM ET

SCARBOROUGH: So listen! I say to the media, because I know they listen to me and go: what's Joe going to say? Ignore those with their anti-anti-Trump fainting couches --

MIKA: Not necessary. 

SCARBOROUGH: -- Just ignore them, and the conspiracy theories. And charge straight ahead on what matters. And that is: who's telling the truth about the worst crisis that America has faced since WWII, and who's lying every day? That's the news story Americans want to hear. 

And speaking of Scarborough echoing others, Joe offered this deceptive euphemism for Chuck Todd's deceptive editing of a statement by AG Bill Barr: "Chuck Todd does something over the weekend." (See a column by the MRC's Tim Graham for more on Chuck Todd.) Echoes of Ilhan "some people did something" Omar! 

Note that Scarborough is evidently still smarting from having retweeted Jimmy Kimmel's misleading video that falsely suggested that VP Mike Pence had, for photo-op purposes, carried empty boxes of PPEs. Scarborough mentioned it yet again, pointing out that he had apologized for it. As we noted earlier this week, Scarborough came close to blaming his children for his blunder!

Last month, we reported on Scarborough's screaming fit that caused a concerned Mika Brzezinski to ask her husband "Are you okay?" With each passing day, the answer to Brzezinski's question seems clear: Joe Scarborough has got to get his raging case of TDS under control.