Carter Blames Catholic, Southern Baptist Churches For Abuse of Women Around World

Jimmy Carter has blamed the Catholic and Southern Baptist churches for the abuse of women around the world. According to Carter, men around the world use the doctrine of those churches on the role of women as justification for abusing women.

Appearing on Monday's Morning Joe, the former president said: "with the writing of St. Paul, you can selectively take verses out of the Bible and you can justify women not being able to be priests and so forth, so the Catholic church and the Southern Baptist Convention and others quite often say well women are not qualified to have an equal role in the service of God as men. And of course men all over the world take this as kind of a proof that they can abuse their wives or pay less pay, you know?"  View the video after the jump.

Carter's claim is as absurd as it is vile.  Rather than examing Islam's views on women, for example, Carter seems to suggest Muslims and others around the world look to the views of the Catholic and Southern Baptist churches. 

You don't suppose that Carter's failure to consider Islamic doctrine on the role of women could have anything to do with the funding sources for Carter's organization, could it?

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