Mika: Republicans Who Mention Monica Are Sexist 'Little Peanuts'

So who's being the sexist?  Mika Brzezinski went ballistic on today's Morning Joe over Republicans like Rand Paul raising Monica Lewinsky in the context of a possible Hillary presidential run, calling them "sexist" and "misogynistic."  But in the course of her rant, Mika mockingly referred to such Republicans as "little peanuts." Hmm.

Did Mika need to use such suggestive, demeaning language in making her point? You have to view the video to get just how derisive was Mika with her "little peanut" line. View the video after the jump.

What do you think Mika was seeking to say?


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Any Republican who is bringing this up and dredging this up is a misogynistic, sexist hypocrite because if Bill Clinton can win again with all these problems and Hillary Clinton, they can bring down because of this and they think they can even go after it, they are clueless and they are complete sexists because it's not even her affair. Now, let me ask you this. If she had an affair in the White House with a younger man, would the same result be 20 years later, ten years later, would she be able to run again and win? Hell, no. This is still a man's world. You guys are all-- I'm sorry, not you but, just please. I better not go on. This whole thing's ridiculous and these Republicans, please. Please keep doing it. Rand Paul, please. I beg you, keep going after it. Because I'll tell you right now, it will backfire so badly. It will backfire so badly and you guys will be in the same exact place where you are right now . . . There's a man/woman, sexist misogynistic, hypocritical thing going on here . . . If you're Hillary Clinton and you're weighing whether to run, and these little peanuts do this?  You've just inspired her to run!

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