'I'd Tell Rand Paul To Stick That Where It Belongs': John Heilemann on Paul's Unemployment Insurance Theory

December 23rd, 2013 7:48 AM

After Martin Bashir lost his MSNBC job for making a vile anatomical suggestion, you might think that others at the "Lean Forward" network would be circumspect about engaging in comparable crudeness.

But that didn't stop John Heilemann on today's Morning Joe. Whereas Bashir's remark focused on the beginning of the alimentary canal, Heilemann's went to its other extremity. Asked how he'd deal with Senator Rand Paul's theory that extending unemployment benefits does the unemployed a disservice, Heilmann said "I'd tell Rand Paul to stick that where it belongs." View the video after the jump.

Joe Scarborough, who along with Mika Brzezinski was dressed in Christmas garb, seemed somewhat shocked but responded in the spirit of the season: "my goodness: ho, ho, ho."

Should Heilemann be expecting to hear from the MSNBC suits?


JOHN HEILEMANN: Let's not forget about the unemployment insurance situation. We were talking a second ago about liberals and Democrats complaining about they lost in the budget deal. The people who lost are these hundreds of thousands of long term unemployed who really have been trying to get work now for three years and while Washington has done nothing as we complained about for the last five years about the job situation in America, we've had this horrific jobs unemployment picture since the start of the administration, since the great recession happened. These people are the ones who've been hardest hit by it and now for Christmas they get cut in this budget. They get nothing and it's not their fault.

MIKE BARNICLE: What do you do about Rand Paul's theory, though: it just makes them lazy and not wanting to get a job?

HEILEMANN: What I'd do is I'd tell Rand Paul to stick that where it belongs.

BARNICLE [giving approving fist pump]: There you go.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: My goodness: ho, ho, ho.