Lin-Sanity: Morning Joe Runs 28 Clips of Knicks Player

The MSM loves Jeremy Lin for now.  But how long before he gets the Tebow treatment? Check out the video of the opening of today's Morning Joe.  In just over two minutes, the show ran clips of Knicks player Jeremy Lin hitting a three-point buzzer beater last night . . . no fewer than 10 times.

But Morning Joe was far from finished.  I counted a total of 28 Lin clips during the course of the show. Donnie Deutsch opined that "this is one of the few things where the 1% and the 99% can agree."  Mike Barnicle later expressed a similar sentiment.  Clearly the Lin story is moving America.  But query how long he will remain a uniting figure should the MSM, as in the case of similarly-inspirational Tim Tebow, start mocking his devout Christianity? Video after the jump.

Check out the video of the opening segment.  Open question: how long [if it hasn't already happened] before the first MSMer asks Lin his views on virginity before marriage, contraception, etc?

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