'Press Wouldn't Cover Sestak Story If Rahm Announced It On Pennsylvania Ave. In A Speedo'

Just how desperately does the MSM want to bury the Sestak job-bribe story?  Yesterday we reported Time editor Rick Stengel's risibly feigned ignorance of the matter.

On Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough broke off a colorful metaphor to describe the liberal media's see-no-evil approach to the subject, saying the MSM wouldn't cover the story "if Rahm Emanuel announced it in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue wearing nothing but a Speedo."

Mika Brzezinski broached the subject by mentioning that she had gotten "hammered" by her husband and friends for her criticism of the MSM's failure to ask the tough questions on the matter.
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I got hammered by some friends and my husband, saying this issue doesn't matter: let it go. Get off of it, Mika.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Oh, so it doesn't matter.  That's interesting: I wonder if your friends would have said the same thing if George W. Bush had made this offer?

BRZEZINSKI: That's what I asked.

SCARBOROUGH: And of course we know the answer . . . It is so laughable that people who attacked George Bush for eight years, now you have this Sestak thing, and by the way, another sad indictment on the press, that it took the Fox News guy [Major Garret] to even bring up Sestak at the press conference.

BRZEZINSKI: I said something yesterday that just everybody jumped on me --
SCARBOROUGH: They [the White House] are dumping it [the so-called "official" response on the subject] tonight before Memorial Day [as panel discussed earlier, a time-honored tactic to bury a bad story].  They don't need to though. Seriously, they could go out, Rahm Emanuel could go out in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue wearing nothing but a Speedo and that very nautical dress [allusion to Mika's outfit] and the press wouldn't pick it up, because the press doesn't want to cover this story. They don't want to cover this story and they're not going to cover this story.

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