Mika: 'I'm A Democrat'

On the one hand, you might say it was the least surprising coming-out since Ricky Martin announced he was gay. On the other, it was refreshing to hear Mika Brzezinski say words we knew to be true but at least in my case had never heard her unequivocally pronounce before: "I'm a Democrat."

Mika made her declaration in the context of arguing that just because she's a Democrat doesn't mean she shouldn't ask tough questions about the Sestak job-offer allegations or Pres. Obama's handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mika also took a surprising shot at her fellow MSMers for failing to ask the tough questions . . . 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: These are the times to ask the tough questions. Because people will die for a long time to come if we all remain silent and make the mistake that Republicans make when Republicans are in the White House and when Democrats are in the White House Democrats make, which is: oh, they must know more than I do. I heard that with Bush going into Iraq, I've heard it with Democrats and Obama. No, they don't know more than you do--ask questions.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We've had two stories this week that really, I think, make you ask questions about certain members of the media. What you have here, which is all we'll talk about as a Republican and a Democrat, and we both have the same questions. I mean, just because I'm a Democrat doesn't mean that I can't ask the legitimate questions about the Joe Sestak story, which is unbelievable to me that others don't see. There's a question here, a question that needs to be answered and that we're not getting the answers to. And just because I'm a Democrat doesn't mean I trust everybody involved. Same with this [oil spill]. I mean, this is a national disaster that will hurt us for decades, maybe even centuries. We need to ask the questions.

Note that not only does Mika declare herself a Democrat, she calls out her fellow MSM members for failing to ask the tough questions on Sestak and the spill. So double kudos to Mika. Now, wouldn't it be nice to get comparable candor from other media folks? Let's see, who else should step up to the mic and declare, "I'm a Democrat"?

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