Kate Calling For Coup?

November 23rd, 2008 10:03 AM

In an MSM eager for the advent of the Age of Obama, Kate Snow may have taken the cake.  The weekend GMA co-host almost sounded as if she were calling for some kind of coup d'etat, musing whether Obama should be urgently "forcing" change before he takes office. How over the top was Snow?  She had to be talked down from her fin de regime fantasy but none other than . . . Paul Krugman.

ABC reporter John Hendren set the tone for the notion that time is dangerously a-wasting.

JOHN HENDREN: As with Hoover and FDR, the ideological gap between Bush and Obama could be too broad to bridge, leaving us with two more months of costly economic drift.
A little later, interviewing Krugman, Snow made her startling suggstion.
KATE SNOW: You write a lot in your columns about a power vacuum in these last couple of months of the Bush administration.  How concerned are you about that?  Do you think President-elect Obama should be doing something now, urgently, as far as forcing policy change?
Krugman was put in the unusual position of taking the more moderate tone regarding the Bush administration, reminding Snow of that minor stumbling block known as . . . the Constitution.
PAUL KRUGMAN: Well, there's only, as he says, and it's true, there's only one president at a time. We have this Constitution, and he hasn't taken office.
Yeah, this Constitution.  Bummer. Sorry, Kate.


Bonus Coverage: GMA Just Says 'No!' To Stevens

Correspondent Jonathan Karl then narrated a segment that ostensibly focused on the way the old bulls of Congress are being forced out. But while Sen. Robert Byrd and Rep. John Dingell, who are both losing committee chairmanships, were mentioned, only Ted Stevens was identified by party, and GMA found an excuse to play, in three separate mini-segments and a total of five times, Stevens angrily barking out the word "no!" on the floor of the Senate.