She's Serious? Joy Behar: 'The View' Has Been ‘Respectful’ to Melania

December 14th, 2020 2:52 PM

Monday, The View hosts reacted furiously to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece mocking the incoming First Lady for insisting she be referred to as “Dr.” Jill Biden, even though her doctorate is in Education. While shilling for Joe and Jill Biden is nothing new for The View, the reason given for their defense was certainly eyebrow-raising.

In all seriousness, co-host Joy Behar declared that their show has shown “respect” to First Lady Melania Trump so that’s why they’re demanding respect for Jill Biden, as well.

Behar made this comment after each of her co-hosts had already shown their outrage over the author of the piece and defended Biden’s choice to tout her degree.

Co-host Ana Navarro was also aghast that the the WSJ dared to print the opinion piece “attacking the First Lady:"

Okay, so this guy's a fool, but Wall Street Journal, shame on you. I expect so much more from The Wall Street Journal. I hold them to a higher standard. This is not The National Enquirer. This is not some rag sheet or some blog. This is The Wall Street Journal, and for them to have this low of a standard for who they publish to attack the First lady of the United States is really kind of disgraceful and brings shame and embarrassment -- embarrassment to them. 

The hosts were most outraged at the author calling Mrs. Biden, "kiddo." But there has been no shortage of far more hateful language towards Mrs. Trump by the media these past four years and The View wasn't riled up about any of those smears.

Joy Behar, demanded respect for the incoming First Lady, citing their respect for Melania as precedent:



Can I jump in here? Yeah. I was going to say, you know, first of all, don't call her kiddo. She's not somebody you met on Tinder, okay? She's the next first lady of the United States. I think that we have been respectful to Melania, and we will be respectful to Jill. 

That’s a laugh. Mrs. Trump has been the target of several View episodes.

Just a few months into the President’s term, Joy Behar mocked the Trumps’ marriage with fellow liberal comedian Chelsea Handler on this May 2017 episode, spreading gossip that Melania was going to divorce her husband.

Former View host Abby Huntsman and guest host Yvette Nicole Brown had some particularly nasty comments about the First Lady and her marriage again on this October 2018 episode.

In March of 2018, Sunny Hostin slammed the First Lady for having an anti-cyber bullying campaign, when “she can't seem to control it in her own home.”  But Hostin didn’t feel that way about Hillary Clinton’s actions towards the women who accused her husband of sexual assault. Hostin wouldn’t give Mrs. Trump slack, saying she was the “wrong messenger for everything.”

In this December 2019 episode, Behar and Hostin mocked the First Lady for defending her son against bullies but not climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

In several episodes, the hosts have made snippy jokes at Melania Trump's expense.

Joy Behar even shared her contempt for the First Lady on CNN. Of course there has been no shortage of hate from that network towards Melania Trump.

It should go without saying that his is the polar opposite of the warm and friendly treatment the View hosts have always given to Jill Biden. In fact, Whoopi Goldberg even proposed "hell of a Doctor" Jill Biden for Joe Biden's Surgeon General, back in May of this year.

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