In Wake of Abortion Clinic Arrests, Pa. Governor Fires State Workers, Announces New Regulations; Networks Ignore Development

Earlier this week Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett  fired state workers whom he believes should have taken decisive action to shutter abortionist Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic. You may recall that Gosnell was arrested in mid-January for murdering newborn babies. Authorities in Philadelphia also detailed for reporters instances of malpractice as well as the unsanitary working conditions at Gosnell's abortion mill.

At the time, the mainstream media mostly ignored the development, although the January 19 CBS "Evening News" devoted a full story to the shocking development.

Now it seems the national media are largely failing to do any followup on the story.

A search of Nexis found no mention on ABC, CBS, or NBC of  the firings or of new regulations Gov. Corbett announced Tuesday aimed at preventing what happened at Gosnell's clinic to happen anywhere in the Keystone State again.

Reported the York [Pa.] Dispatch yesterday:

After a review of the 261-page report, Corbett on Tuesday unveiled changes that include a requirement that regulators make random and unannounced visits to clinics, in addition to a now-mandated yearly inspection.


Facilities found to have deficiencies will be required to have a plan of correction with 10 days or will risk immediate suspension, and clinics that fail to report a serious incident could face fines of up to $1,000 a day, Corbett said during the press conference.


The inspections: Inspectors will come from the state's Division of Acute and Ambulatory Care, which is also responsible for inspecting Pennsylvania's hospitals and out-patient surgery facilities. Additionally, registered nurses from the Department of Health will be trained to inspect abortion facilities for quality assurance and to enforce regulations.

A search of Nexis found that the New York Times covered this development in its February 16 paper with a 243-word item on page A15 and that yesterday's Washington Post ran a brief three-paragraph AP item on page A2. The Los Angeles Times failed to note the firings or new regulations.

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