Noted Palin-Trig Conspiracy Loon Andrew Sullivan Piles on Anti-Levin Bandwagon

September 15th, 2010 4:34 PM

Want to make friends in "elite" political blogosphere? Don't dare be outspoken on behalf of Delaware Republican U.S. Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell.

In a Sept. 15 post on his The Atlantic blog, "The Daily Dish," Sullivan takes a break from gossiping about political figures' genitalia to take on conservative talker Mark Levin's response to those who were seemingly hell-bent on O'Donnell not being the Delaware GOP nominee within the conservative media intelligentsia.

After going through a litany of Levin's alleged indiscretions against O'Donnell detractors, Sullivan argues that his so-called "conservative" counterparts had it coming since Levin had been so critical of the pseudo-intellectuals that have masqueraded as conservatives over the years.

"He still hasn't figured it out," Sullivan wrote of John Hinderaker of Powerline, who argued Levin was too hard on his fellow conservatives. "If more conservatives had challenged Levin back during his similarly intemperate, intellectually bankrupt attacks on Jim Manzi, David Frum, and so many others, he might not be upping the populist ante some more. Instead they kept silent for a fellow movement conservative, or even defended him. And big surprise, he's persisting in intellectually bankrupt attacks that egregiously mislead his audience. There is some karmic justice in all this, isn't there?"

It's curious that Sullivan would suddenly take on this role of accusing Levin of bullying his conservative brethren. It's not as if Sullivan doesn't have his own demons, including his position on Judaism and Israel, as The New Republic's Leon Wieseltier alleged earlier this year.

"About the Jews, is Sullivan a bigot, or is he just moronically insensitive?" Wieseltier wrote. "To me, he looks increasingly like the Buchanan of the left. He is the master, and the prisoner, of the technology of sickly obsession: blogging-and the divine right of bloggers to exempt themselves from the interrogations of editors-is also a method of hounding."

However, it's quite possible, based on his track record with the former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin questioning the authenticity of who Trig Palin's real mother was, that defending Christine O'Donnell, a female conservative candidate, from some obsessive attacks from her own side might not make sense to Sullivan.

Levin addressed Sullivan's observations on his Facebook blog: "Yawn. Snore. You clowns are so irrelevant."