Mark Levin: ‘Bidenomics’ Making Fast Food Unaffordable

May 24th, 2024 2:08 PM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin excoriated President Joe Biden for presiding over an economy so bad that even fast food is increasingly unaffordable.


Levin NUKES Biden, Liberal Media for Minimizing Oct. 7 to Tout Hamas

May 8th, 2024 2:34 PM

Back on Saturday during his Fox News Channel Show Life, Liberty, & Levin, our friend and conservative talk radio legend Mark Levin used his opening monologue to torch President Biden and his allies in the liberal media for downplaying the October 7, 2023 animalistic terror attacks by Hamas on innocents in Israel the further we get from the attacks in order to commiserate with…


Bozell with Levin on Facebook Election Interference: ‘It’s Systematic’

April 24th, 2024 12:07 PM

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell called out yet another Big Tech company for interfering in U.S. elections — and he has the receipts to prove it.

Mark Levin Condemns Blinken as ‘Soros' Puppet'

April 9th, 2024 12:52 PM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin demonstrated Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s multi-generational connection to leftist billionaire George Soros and how the cozy relationship shaped American policy towards Albania.


Mark Levin Rips CNN ‘Hack’ for Whitewashing Biden's Censorship Regime

April 4th, 2024 2:25 PM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin tore into prominent CNN Biden flack anchor Dana Bash for trying to gaslight viewers on the dangers of the White House censorship regime.

CALLED OUT: Matt Taibbi RIPS Media Silence on Twitter Files

January 31st, 2024 9:53 AM

Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi tore into the liberal media for ignoring inconvenient news, including the Twitter Files. 


Levin Gives Free Speech Lesson to ‘Mr. I’m Defending Democracy’ Biden

January 9th, 2024 11:42 AM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin broke down President Joe Biden’s anti-free speech record and he was not nice, to say the least.

Mark Levin RIPS 'Vile Hit Piece' by Media Matters on Israel and Hamas

December 26th, 2023 2:19 PM

Mark Levin's hateful defenses of civilian casualties, calls for war crimes, and xenophobic attacks on Palestinians


Levin Praises ‘Fantastic’ MRC Study Exposing Soros’ Media Influence

November 13th, 2023 8:46 AM

Syndicated radio host Mark Levin highlighted an extensive 2023 Media Research Center study on George Soros to reiterate his call for Congress to investigate the leftist billionaire’s empire.


AUDIO: Mark Levin Tells Congress to Investigate George Soros

November 7th, 2023 10:51 AM

Radio host Mark Levin called for Congress to look into George Soros’ tax returns, calling for the leftist billionaire to be held accountable for his financial support for Pro-Hamas organizations. 

Mark Levin SLAMS WashPost for Helping CNN Smear Him as Anti-Semitic

November 5th, 2023 6:37 AM

Washington Post media reporter Jeremy Barr channeled CNN on Friday in a story headlined “CNN blasts Fox host Mark Levin for ‘self-hating Jews’ attack on Blitzer.” Barr copied an attack by the leftist site Media Matters and a statement by CNN smearing Levin as antisemitic. Levin slammed the whole thing as "sickening."

Levin: 'Biden Admin Funneled Funds to the Palestinian Terrorists'

October 12th, 2023 12:10 PM

Levin lashed out at President Joe Biden for allegedly funding terrorism in the West Bank of Israel.

Mark Levin's New Book Hits NYT Bestseller List, Will They Review It?

September 27th, 2023 7:25 PM

On Wednesday evening, wildly popular nationally syndicated radio talk show host, as well as the host of the Fox News program Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark Levin took to Twitter to announce his new book "The Democrat Party Hates America" has now reached #1 on the New York Times (NYT) best-seller list. If you open a window and listen closely, you'll hear the muffled sobs of…


Levin Blasts Media Ratings Company Ad Fontes Following MRC Bombshell

September 25th, 2023 3:03 PM

Nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin blasted the left’s newest tool to destroy right-leaning media outlets.