CNN Gives Unemployed Woman 'a Pass' for Buying a Flat-Screen Television

It’s apparently okay to buy unnecessary and expensive electronics at a discount – even if you’ve lost your job and money is “tight.”

After all, the Super Bowl is Sunday.

CNN’s January 30 “American Morning” mentioned retailers were cutting prices to get customers to purchase more, but no one during the broadcast had a problem with one unemployed woman buying one of those fancy televisions.

“Veronica McNeil has two kids,” said "American Morning" anchor Alina Cho. “She recently lost her job. Her husband’s an ironworker and the family is feeling the pinch.”

McNeil revealed that a good discount would be her weakness.

“If I’m here to buy baby stuff and I see a TV at a good sale price, I’ll grab it,” McNeil said.

Cho pointed toward “rising gas and home heating oil prices and Americans losing their homes” for money being “tight.” Personal responsibility and wise financial decisions were lost on Cho.

“So everybody agrees that we’re all feeling the pinch, but the Super Bowl gets a pass,” said Cho. “Please excuse the pun.”

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