Leftist Journos Push Hamas Propaganda as Fact, Compare GOP Speaker to David Duke

November 4th, 2023 8:00 AM

On October 7 the world witnessed a horrific attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. Yet shockingly and disgustingly there were some in the journalism community who actually sympathized with Hamas, as NewsBusters detailed here

Well those leftists are still at it, as they passed along Hamas propaganda as factual, called any opposition to a ceasefire racist and categorized Israel’s evacuation warnings a “war crime.”  

The GOP House Speaker race was a source of ridicule this month as well. Former CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley asked President Joe Biden if Republican “dysfunction” had “increased the danger in the world.” CNNer Scott Galloway welcomed the new Speaker of the House this way: “He’s David Duke-lite.” 

The following are just some of the worst outbursts from leftists in the media from the past month:  


New GOP Speaker of the House = “David Duke-Lite”



Former CNN+ host Scott Galloway: “When a guy [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] gets this nod and says that God ordained it, I’m like ‘Well, boss, whose God is that?’...The whole point here is that we separate church and state, that we believe in the peaceful transfer of power and the reason this guy is Speaker is none of us have the time to read his resume and realize he’s David Duke-lite.” 
Host Bill Maher: “Well, we do  now. I don’t know if he’s David Duke-lite, I read today he has an adopted black son, I don’t think David Duke would do that, but he is a religious nut.”
— HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, October 27. 


Passing Along Hamas Stats As Fact

“In the 18 days since Hamas killed 1,400 Israelis, the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry says Israeli forces have killed over 6,000 Palestinians including 2,700 children. You’ve previously asked [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu to minimize civilian casualties, do these numbers say to you that he’s ignoring that message?”
— PBS White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López to President Joe Biden, White House press conference, October 25. 


Opposing Ceasefire Is Racist



“You mentioned dehumanization….Almost all of at the least 18 House Democrats who called for a ceasefire in Gaza, are people of color. How much of the Congressional indifference to Palestinian life in Gaza, the refusal in D.C. to acknowledge sometimes the humanity and the innocence, not to mention the suffering of all ordinary Gazans, how much of that is driven by the fact that they’re Arabs, or they’re mostly all Muslims, or they don’t look like us, do you think?”
— Host Mehdi Hasan to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on MSNBC’s The Mehdi Hasan Show, October 22.


Better Clean That Language Up, Don’t Want Any Libel Lawsuits From Terrorists

“Last night, I asserted that this report indicated that babies were beheaded. This was an overstatement. I should have said that the report established that babies were found headless, a fact that lends plausibility to claims of beheading, but which does not prove them. The verb behead has multiple definitions, and is sometimes used to mean decapitate; the report indicates that Hamas did behead babies in that sense. But the term can also connote a form of execution using a knife, and we do not have confirmation of beheading in this sense.”
— October 22 tweet from New York magazine Intelligencer feature writer Eric Levitz’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.


CNN Labels Israeli Warnings to Evacuate Gaza a “War Crime”



“More than two-million people live in a tiny besieged Gaza Strip. Still under a blockade enforced by Israel in 2007, more than half of those are now being told to move. The Norwegian Refugee Council characterized the evacuation order which holds no guarantee of safe return as an act of forcible transfer. In other words, a war crime.”
— Correspondent Nada Bashir on CNN News Central, October 13.


Conservative Talk Radio to Blame for Death of Child



“I do not believe it was a coincidence that NBC News is reporting tonight that this alleged killer was an avid listener of conservative talk radio. We have heard some vicious and vile anti-Palestinian rhetoric in recent days from people like Tom Cotton, Republican Senator, saying as far as he’s concerned, Israel can bounce rubble in Gaza. Lindsey Graham saying Israel should level Gaza. Ron DeSantis saying everyone in Gaza is an anti-semite and shouldn’t be allowed into America as refugees. Marjorie Taylor Greene saying if you’re pro-Palestinian, you’re pro-Hamas. That is the kind of dehumanizing rhetoric, some would say genocidal, what does it mean to flatten—level an area where two million people live? That is the kind of rhetoric that in many cases prompts people to act of terror. Rhetoric leads to hate. Hate leads to violence.”
— MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan discussing murder of Muslim-American child in Chicago, as aired on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, October 16. 


“Strong Man” Trump Will “Execute” MSNBCers for “Treason”... 



“He’s [Donald Trump] basically portraying a future for America, if he is put back in the White House, in which we don’t have another election after that….Because the elections are all rigged, that the democratic process can’t be trusted, that Congress should just work for him, the Justice Department should juice work for him. That’s a strong man form of government….He wants to put MSNBC on trial for treason so that he can execute us….If they’re going to elevate somebody like that to represent their party in a general election….the Republican Party will have to reckon with that for -- till the end of time in terms of what they did to this country.”
— MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on ABC’s The View, October 18.


...Will Wipe Out the “Judiciary” and “Free Press” 



“I always tell people, if you want to see what Donald Trump is going to do if he gets reelected, don’t think about him lining up people against the wall and having them shot. Just see what [Viktor] Orban has done in Hungary where he’s bragged about having illiberal democracy, and he’s wiped out the judiciary, he’s wiped out the free press. And Anne [Applebaum], I suppose, that’s probably what Donald Trump will look for as a blueprint if he gets elected again.”
— Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, October 23.


GOP House Speaker Race Endangering the World

“The President is asking for billions of dollars for Israel and Ukraine. But Congress is paralyzed. Hard-right Republicans are obstructing the election of a Speaker of the House. [To Biden]: Does the dysfunction that we’ve seen in Congress increase the danger in the world?”
— Former CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley during an interview with President Joe Biden on CBS’s 60 Minutes, October 15.


Former ABCer Admits Network Banned American Flag Lapels



“I wasn’t allowed to say this then, but I just don’t care now. I am an American and I report as an American and I think about America’s interests when I support. You know, back on 9/11, they wouldn’t let us at ABC News where a flag pin. I always thought that was wrong. I’m an American.”
— Current NewsNation host and former CNN host and ABC host/correspondent Chris Cuomo on NewsNation’s Cuomo, October 25.


Put Down That Pumpkin Spice Coffee, You Racist! 

“Fall’s favorite spice blend has a violent history, Historians say the instance of ‘corporate genocide’ was over nutmeg, without which there would be no Pumpkin Spice Latte.”
— Headline to October 6 Washington Post article by staff writer Mahim Javaid.


Couric Brags: Obama Should Have Sent Me a “Bouquet” for “Objective” Palin Interview

“I always thought that Barack Obama should have sent me a big — a bouquet of flowers for that [Sarah Palin] interview....People really didn’t understand where she stood on a lot of important, you know, issues of public policy. And I think that was a very important interview because it was a fair interview. I think it stood the test of, of being objective. Even Republicans afterwards thought it was extremely fair, a certain kind of Republican.”
— Former NBC’s Today co-host and CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric at the 2023 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, September 29.


Katie Admitting What We Knew All Along, That She’s a Big Lib

“I believe strongly in reproductive rights. I think they’re the foundation of equal rights for women. And I felt an obligation to say that. Similarly, you know, I feel very strongly about reducing gun violence in this country. I’ve covered too many school shootings, too many mass shootings….Nothing happened after Sandy Hook….74 percent of NRA members want stricter gun laws. And the fact that we can’t get it done because we are being held hostage by these extremists. Is this okay that I’m saying this in Texas? It’s ridiculous and unacceptable. And I feel like….I’ve earned the right on some issues that are important to me to speak my mind.”
— Former NBC’s Today co-host and CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric at the 2023 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, September 29.


Joe Biden “Restored” the “Soul of This Country,” How Dare He Be Challenged? 



[Clip of Democratic primary challenger Rep. Dean Phillips]
Co-host Sunny Hostin:
“Who is that?....I think if you are going to take on a President who has done so much for this country so far, and has restored in many ways the soul of this country, which was his promise, you’ve got to have some kind of name recognition I think.”
— ABC’s The View, October 30.


Trump Will “Destroy” “Self-Rule”

“Not exaggerating when I say that a vote for any 3rd party candidate, will put Trump back in the WH and destroy 247 years of Self Rule.”
— October 5 tweet by film director Rob Reiner.