Shameless Tools: Nets Shovel Biden PR on Microchips Visit, Student Loans Handout

March 21st, 2024 5:47 PM

The “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC used their flagship newscasts on Wednesday night and Thursday morning to giddily promote the hundreds of millions far-left New York has ordered former President Trump to pay in multiple partisan prosecutions. In contrast, they eagerly played groupies for the Biden regime with puff pieces on Biden’s microchips visit to Arizona and a new tranche of student loan forgiveness.

The eye-rolling hackery began with Biden’s trip to the swing state of Arizona to promote the CHIPS and Science Act. ABC’s World News Tonight anchor David Muir sounded like a White House press secretary in a tease: “The race for the White House tonight. President Biden in Arizona, a key battleground, revealing $20 billion in investments in American jobs, bringing computer chip-making back to America from Taiwan and elsewhere.”



After a similar spiel in the segment, senior White House correspondent Selina Wang beamed over “Biden taking on the top issue for voters — the economy — announcing a major deal to bring computer chip-making back to America” with “nearly $20 billion to fund production of semiconductor chips in four states”.

Adding that such “[c]hips...power everything from your phone to your car” and a few mangled Biden soundbites later, she touted Biden “drawing a clear contrast with” Trump.

Wang also tacked on the Biden team “unveiling the strictest car emissions in history” that would force “most new cars sold in America” to “be electric” come 2032 and would “combat climate change” even if it’d be “a political loaded move.”

NBC Nightly News had the other microchips press release. Anchor Lester Holt sounded like Muir: “A big announcement from President Biden in battleground Arizona. Billions in tech grants that will bring tens of thousands of new jobs at a time when many voters say the state needs an economic jump start.”

Chief business correspondent and former longtime CNN host Christine Romans went to Arizona for the “multibillion dollar delivery” that included “$8.5 billion in grants and 11 billion more in loans to semiconductor manufacturer Intel, money from the bipartisan CHIPS Act passed in 2022”

“Here in Chandler, Arizona, 6,000 construction workers are building two CHIPS Plants known as FABs projected to host 3,000 manufacturing jobs. Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger says the government investment is essential to competing with China,” she added before using a nearby restaurant to promote the economic benefits.

Romans later conceded housing and general costs of living in states like Arizona have soared, but concluded on a hopeful note that this was “why he’s highlighting bills like the bipartisan CHIPS Act”.

Shifting to Thursday, all three morning shows excitedly promoted Biden’s new handout to voters. ABC had Wang back on the case for Good Morning America and cheered Biden being “eager to show this core group of voters that he has not given up” on them (click “expand”):



GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: To Washington now where the Biden administration is announcing a new round of student debt relief for tens of thousands of borrowers who currently work in public service. Senior White House correspondent Selena Wang has the details. Good morning, Selina.

WANG: Hey, good morning George. So, the President is announcing more student loan relief, focusing on key campaign promise. This morning, the President — he’s canceling nearly $6 billion in student debt for 78,000 public service workers. Now, these are nurses, teachers, firefighters, and others who are currently enrolled in the public service loan forgiveness program. And they’ll soon be getting an e-mail from the President telling them about this relief. Now, with this latest move, the White House says this administration has canceled a total of $144 billion in debt for nearly four million Americans and they say that another nearly 400,000 public service workers — they are on-track to have their student loans forgiven in the coming two years. Now, last year, remember, the Supreme Court had struck down Biden’s original plan to cancel $10,000 for all borrowers making less than $125,000 a year. But the President has found ways around that to cancel more student debt for borrowers. Now, with the general election heating up, this President is eager to show this core group of voters that he has not given up yet. This morning, again vowing to use the tools he can to cancel more student debt for more Americans and borrowers[.]

CBS Mornings had senior White House and campaign correspondent Ed O’Keefe relay administration talking points, noting Biden’s upcoming e-mail to those close to debt forgiveness was “a sign of how the President’s trying to take a little more credit for the program in a tough election year” with the broader forgiveness moves “the kind of thing that helps mobilize voters in November.”

Clearly trying to paint the Biden economy as a winner, co-host Nate Burleson paired that with “more good economic news” in the form of record stock market highs and a possible cut in interest rates later this year.

NBC’s Today made it three-for-three on Biden’s attempted buying of votes thanks to a 29-second news brief from weekend co-host Laura Jarrett (and daughter of longtime Obama family confidant, Valerie Jarrett) touting what “Biden says” was “relief that [borrowers] were entitled under the law.”

To see the relevant transcripts form March 20, click here (for ABC) and here (for NBC). To see the relevant transcripts form March 21, click here (for ABC), here (for CBS), and here (for NBC).