ABC/NBC Cover-Up Biden Asking Black Journo ‘Are You a Junkie?’

August 5th, 2020 8:45 PM

In an attempt on Wednesday to again protect their presidential candidate from himself, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News spiked an interview Joe Biden did the National Association for Black and Hispanic Journalists. In the controversial video, Biden snapped at black CBS correspondent Errol Barnett (who asked about Biden’s mental fitness) and demanded to know, “Are…

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Network Biden Campaigners Thrilled By Harris VP Speculation

July 29th, 2020 2:32 PM

Proving how invested they are in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, on Wednesday, all three network morning shows were absolutely giddy over speculation that far-left California Senator Kamala Harris may be at the top of the presumptive Democratic nominee’s vice presidential short list.

Gayle King and Ed O'Keefe

Dem Donor Gayle King Says We All Need ‘Decency Class’ From AOC

July 24th, 2020 4:52 PM

Just a couple weeks after CBS This Morning co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King proclaimed that “we all need to take a class” from a radical Black Lives Matter activist who supported rioting and property destruction, on Friday, the left-wing anchor demanded that everyone take “decency class lessons” from unhinged socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.



Hello, FEC? CBS, NBC Boost Biden LIE Trump Is ‘First’ Racist President

July 22nd, 2020 8:43 PM

After once dubiously omitting his answer to a question about his senility, CBS Evening News via political correspondent Ed O’Keefe acted as a campaign surrogate for Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday, boosting his lie that President Trump was America’s “first racist president.” NBC Nightly News also got in on the act. Between pushing the lie and praising a new…

Joe Biden

CBS Shills Cast Biden as Savior of ‘Kids, Senior Citizens, Disabled'

July 22nd, 2020 4:51 PM

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign sycophants at CBS This Morning hailed the presumptive Democratic nominee’s nearly $1 trillion plan to “help care for the nation’s kids, senior citizens, and disabled.” Apparently Biden has yet put out a plan on puppies and rainbows. There was zero discussion of how the presidential wannabee was going to pay for his pie-in-the-sky promises.


COLLUSION: Nets Hide Skyrocketing Costs of Biden’s ‘Clean Energy'

July 15th, 2020 1:12 PM

The networks are trying to keep something from you. They don’t want you to know about Joe Biden’s outrageously expensive “clean energy” program and his plan to make America carbon-free in 15 years. On Wednesday, only CBS This Morning mentioned the goals and the $2 trillion cost. And that was only for a scant 25 seconds. ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today


Nets Cover-Up Biden Quoting Mao, CBS Campaigns for Him Instead

July 14th, 2020 8:31 PM

If President Trump were to quote one of the world’s deadliest dictators in a positive way, the liberal media would have a Chernobyl-level meltdown. In fact, they tried to claim his campaign’s use of a bald eagle was a nod to Nazi Germany. But when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden quoted Mao Tse-tung during a Monday evening campaign event, his allies at ABC, CBS, and NBC covered…


MORBID: CBS Boasts States ‘Inundated With Infections’ Moving to Biden

July 13th, 2020 8:32 PM

It seems as though CBS News finally got their months-old wish – to have coronavirus “infect” President Trump’s reelection chances – granted, according to their new 2020 battleground tracker poll. As anchor Norah O’Donnell morbidly celebrated during Monday’s edition of CBS Evening News, “The pandemic is reshaping the presidential race!”

Column: Biden's Puffballs from the Press

July 1st, 2020 6:14 AM

Everything about the June 30 press conference with Joe Biden underlines how the snarling, vicious watchdogs of the Trump administration are going to transform into cuddly little lapdogs if Biden is elected president. Biden began with a 20-minute speech, and CNN and MSNBC ran it all live, unlike their avoiding 96 percent of Trump's Tulsa rally.


Nets Tout Biden’s ‘Stark Contrast’ With Trump, ‘Promise’ to End Racism

June 2nd, 2020 8:46 PM

Completely ignoring his recent racist comment declaring “you ain’t black” if you’re African American and vote for President Trump, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) praised former Vice President Joe Biden for providing a “stark” and “sharp” contrast to the President on the matter of George Floyd’s death.


Nets Hail Obama’s Commencement Cudgel, Look Forward to More Attacks

May 18th, 2020 2:04 PM
On Sunday and Monday, all three broadcast networks cheered former President Obama’s decision to use a virtual commencement address as an opportunity to launch a nasty partisan attack against President Trump. Instead of criticizing such unseemly political rhetoric being used during a speech to students across the country in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, network anchors and reporters…

ABC Ignores Tara Reade Interview, NBC & CBS Push Biden Denials

May 8th, 2020 11:59 AM
As former Senate staffer Tara Reade gave her first on-camera interview detailing her sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden on Thursday, neither ABC’s World News Tonight that evening nor Friday’s Good Morning America mentioned the important development. While NBC and CBS did cover the story, both networks framed Reade’s public comments as a “response to Joe Biden…

CBS Hypes Calls Have Michelle Obama Be Joe Biden’s VP, New Documentary

May 6th, 2020 8:41 PM
It exposed just how warped their news judgment was. While America was still suffering from the coronavirus and with new symptoms appearing in children, CBS Evening News set aside time Wednesday to fawn for former First Lady Michelle Obama’s new documentary and hype Democratic calls to have her become Joe Biden’s running mate. There was no mention of the rape allegation against the…

Evening Nets End Their Tara Reade Blackout, Come to Biden’s Defense

April 30th, 2020 9:41 PM
Finally, the evening newscasts of ABC and CBS broke their silence on the rape accusation against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. While their respective morning newscasts had already covered the topic, Thursday night was the first time NBC News had dared to give it airtime. The contrast was stark in how they covered the accusations of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, where their mission…