Biased Hackjob: The Worst Moments from CNN’s ‘2000s’ Smear of Bush



CNN Argues Katrina Reaction Had Racial Component, Doubles Down on Kayne Smear

After correctly highlighting the Bush flub about then-FEMA administration Michael Brown doing “a heckuva job,” the CNN documentary took aim at Bush as — you guessed it — a racist like Kayne West argued in not caring about African-Americans.

Former MTV News personality and current Rolling Stone writer Jamil Smith argued that “[y]ou can’t disassociate the reality of the visual” when we saw “an American city essentially being left to rot with mostly black people in it.”

The infamous Kayne West line then rolled and historian Yohuru Williams responded along the same lines:

To say President Bush doesn't care about black people is one thing, but I think what Kanye West was saying in a way that was translated is America doesn't care about black people. Katrina is a symptom of a much larger disease and we’ve got to eradicate racism if we're ever going to have equity. 

New Orleans native and leftist commentator Cokie Roberts ruled that “I don't think it's true the President was racially motivated, but I do think that he was clueless.”

Going to commercial break, an anti-Bush protest concerning Katrina was given a prime position as protesters shouted, “shame on Bush.” That was setup by Naftali snarking that “[t]his is an administration that prided itself after 9/11 at anticipating problems, and Katrina proved that was all false.”

Earth to Kayyem and Naftali: Do the underwear bomber, Boston bombers, Fort Hood shooter, San Bernardino terrorists ring any bells for you? Oh right. Those happened under the Obama administration while America was not attacked again on Bush’s watch following 9/11.


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