While liberal journalists are pooh-poohing in advance any sort of success Donald Trump may have with his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, that wasn’t the case back in 1994 when Bill Clinton struck a that would have supposedly resolved the nuclear threat from North Korea.

Sometimes liberal journalists just come right out and admit it. On May 27, 1993, Dan Rather told Bill Clinton that he and then-CBS Evening News partner Connie Chung hoped to be as “great” as Clinton and the First Lady. Rather gushed, “Tell Mrs. Clinton we respect her and we’re pulling for here.” Keep in mind, this was FOUR MONTHS into Clinton's presidency. 

Talk about a character witness. There was a time before Dan Rather was known as the “disgraced” ex-CBS Evening News journalist. But even before he used phony documents in an attempt to torpedo George W. Bush, Rather had a questionable link to the truth. On May 15, 2001, he proclaimed Bill Clinton an “honest” man, saying, “I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.” 

Dan Rather has absolutely no sense of self awareness. The disgraced ex-CBS Evening News anchor on Friday posted video of a keynote speech he gave to the American Geophysical Union. In it, the man who lost his job at CBS over the use of phony documents, attacked the “ignorance” of climate skeptics and praised himself as similar to a scientist: “I believe we journalists and scientists are in many ways kindred spirits. We both try to get as close to the truth as is humanly possible.” 

To accompany his Facebook post unleashing a torrent of disdain for the Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG), disgraced former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather used his weekly show on the far-left network The Young Turks to expand on the Sinclair ad controversy, denouncing it as “Orwellian” “propaganda” while deeming press criticism as authoritarian behavior.

On Monday, disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather attacked Sinclair Broadcast Group in a rambling Facebook post because they had their anchors read promotional statements promising to be factual in their reporting. Of course, the man who sank his own career with a fake news story he still believes has a problem with people promising to tell the truth.

Late Wednesday’s CNN Tonight served as another case of the liberal media worshipping fake news anchor Dan Rather as he was subjected to praise from host Don Lemon as “a legendary journalist” with insight pummeling President Trump over the Russia probe and Stormy Daniels.

The news media’s obviously insatiable appetite for scandal news surrounding Republican President Donald Trump is sharply at odds with their aversion to covering such stories about Democratic President Bill Clinton two decades ago. From March 7 through March 25, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts aired 23 reports about various allegations involving President Trump, totaling 40 minutes of airtime. None of Clinton's accusers ever had that kind of media attention lavished on their claims.

If someone told you that disgraced journalist Dan Rather appeared on a show called “Reliable Sources” to excoriate President for living in a “fantasy land” and to give career advice to a young anti-gun advocate, you might think they were reading an article from the popular satirical news site The Onion. But it wasn’t a joke! It actually happened on CNN on Sunday.

Old liberal media liars never fade away. They just rage, rage against the dying of their dinosaur industry's light. I'm looking at you, Dan Rather. The 86-year-old grandfather of fake news now dismisses the Nunes memo. "Most respectable analysts," Rather asserted, "have determined that the contents of the memo are thin." Analysts who agree with him. 

Thirty years ago tonight, January 25, 1988, Americans across the country saw with their own eyes an early example of the liberal media attack machine in its ugliness. Dan Rather, then the anchor of the CBS Evening News, laid a trap and attempted to ambush then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. The interview was live and Rather’s goal was to embarrass the leading Republican contender for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination. 

There is probably no better indicator that facts and the truth really don't matter to today's journalists than the fawning coverage disgraced former news anchor Dan Rather receives whenever he makes a post-CBS career move. CNN's story on Rather's latest foray into online broadcasting typifies the kid-glove treatment he has received since he was relieved of his anchor duties at CBS almost 13 years ago.