Biased Hackjob: The Worst Moments from CNN’s ‘2000s’ Smear of Bush



Katrina Segment Touts Lyin’ Brian’s Reporting, Obama Official Knocking Response

For those not convinced that CNN deployed a hatchet job against Bush, the liberal network’s historical documentary did that and then some when it came to the monumental environmental and human disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

At a most basic level, it failed to place any blame on the top two Louisiana officials in charge during Katrina. Perhaps it was because both New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (who’s now in jail) and Governor Kathleen Blanco are Democrats.

CNN immediately nuked its credibility on this part of the episode by using not one, not two, but three soundbites from then-NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams reporting on Katrina on an assignment that would, by 2015, prove to have been less-than-accurate.

The bias went beyond old clips to present day reflections with USC professor Todd Boyd stating that “George Bush was made to seem indifferent” while “it looked like a great American city was about to disappear before our eyes.”

“The Bush administration was caught asleep at the switch. Instead of immediately responding, sending in the troops, it took a few days,” complained Thomas.

Without disclosing her as an Obama official, CNN trotted out analyst Juliette Kayyem to oversimplify the national security scene and trash the Bush administration’s response for being solely concerned about terrorism that other objectives were ignored:

Because we concede of the post-9/11 world as a war, America's entire apparatus from intelligence to emergency managers to police was geared towards one goal. Stopping 19 guys from getting on four airplanes again. In that process, FEMA was put within the Department of Homeland Security. It had no funding. It did not have the professional group of people that it once had. It was, in many ways, an orphan of the entire Homeland Security apparatus and it was FEMA that failed so miserably. 


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