Biased Hackjob: The Worst Moments from CNN’s ‘2000s’ Smear of Bush



Part 2: Deranged CNN Hints Bush Stole ‘04 Election by Lying, Scaring Voters

Along with demonizing the Swift Boat Vets group as a sick, dark money ploy that brainwashed voters, CNN offered another wink, wink that Bush stole the election by fear-mongering voters about gay people.

With the 2004 legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, the issue emerged on the national scene. Boston Globe columnist Renee Graham remarked that “no one’s really thinking that much about gay marriage, but then it becomes legal in Massachusetts and that's enough to agitate a lot of people” and thus “Republicans see this great opportunity.”

Bush called for a constitution amendment to protect traditional marriage while some states placed referendums about the policy on the ballot. 

But because it was a conservative policy proposal, Thomas dismissed it as the Bush team and Karl Rove “exploiting the vulnerability of the American middle classes who were unsure about the world in which they live.”

Liberal historian and CNN presidential historian Tim Naftali piled on:

Republican operatives managed to get referendum about same-sex marriage on the ballot in states that would matter for W. and the goal was to get evangelicals so riled up they would go to vote and while they voted against same-sex marriage, they would vote for President Bush. 

Recapping the results, Zelizer cast doubt on the legitimacy of Bush’s win: “Despite all the problems that emerged in 2003 and 2004, still the power of national security is a theme in America after 9/11 and the use of wedge issues all added up to a successful political mix.”


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