Biased Hackjob: The Worst Moments from CNN’s ‘2000s’ Smear of Bush


Way Too Soon: Why’s CNN Airing ‘The 2000s’ Now?

For some reason, CNN decided that it would air the latest installment of its comprehensive and informative miniseries on recent decades in America history with the 2000s despite the fact that many of the same actors, elected officials, journalists, and TV shows remained relevant into this decade.

Instead of waiting — I don’t know — at least five more years or so to give historians and the rest of us time to have the 2000s further in the rear view mirror, CNN went ahead and boy has it been biased. 

However, the episode on the George W. Bush presidency from his ill-fated “Mission Accomplished” speech on May 1, 2003 to when he left office on January 20, 2009 was perhaps the worst in showcasing liberal bias by omission and pontificating. 

The video above on this slide set the tone for a far-left rehash of recent history that created the culture of demonization against conservatives and Republicans that directly led to the Trump presidency and the public furthering tuning out the liberal media.

NOTE: Some slides have videos accompanying them while others do not!


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