Berning Bridges: NYT’s Krugman Savages Sanders Economic Plan as ‘Horrifying’ Fiscal Fantasy

Wow: Snooty New York Times columnist/Democratic hack Paul Krugman is very unhappy with Bernie Sanders and his Hillary-bashing supporters. Krugman had previously antagonized the left-wing hive of “Bernie bros” – supposedly sexist critics of Hillary Clinton supporters, and in his Friday column, “Varieties of Voodoo,” Krugman lit into Sanders’ economic plan, suggesting an economic plan strongly endorsed by his campaign “outdoes the GOP” when it came to fiscal wishful thinking and found its employment projections “horrifying.” The text box: “Sanders needs to get real.”

America’s two big political parties are very different from each other, and one difference involves the willingness to indulge economic fantasies.

Republicans routinely engage in deep voodoo, making outlandish claims about the positive effects of tax cuts for the rich. Democrats tend to be cautious and careful about promising too much, as illustrated most recently by the way Obamacare, which conservatives insisted would be a budget-buster, actually ended up being significantly cheaper than projected.

But is all that about to change?

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