Alyssa Milano Admits Clinton Sex Assaults Should Have Been Taken Seriously

October 5th, 2018 10:15 AM

Almost 18 years after former Democratic President Bill Clinton left office, liberal actress and activist Alyssa Milano finally admitted on Thursday's Cuomo Prime Time that sexual assault charges against him should have been taken more seriously, although both she and CNN host Chris Cuomo avoided words like "rape" or "sexual assault" in referring to the accusations.



At 9:29 p.m. Eastern, after the two spent the first several minutes of the interview discussing Milano's opposition to Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the sexual assault accusations against him, Cuomo posed:

You are a fan of Bill Clinton, and he is somebody who the right is pointing to now as, "Hey, just because they're ugly allegations doesn't mean the whole man's life should be based on it, especially when you can't prove them. Look at Bill Clinton. He was accused of a lot of ugly things. Some of it, he had to admit, and yet people were fine with him in saying you have to judge him by more than him at his worst."

He then added: "Should Kavanaugh get the same benefit of the doubt?"

Milano began her response:

No, and I don't believe Bill Clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt in hindsight. I think that as a nation I think we were in a different time. I think that women were continually being silenced, and I think that we gave him the benefit of the doubt, and we probably should have investigated the allegations against him as well.

Earlier this week, attention was given to Milano's history of lauding Bill Clinton on Twitter, leading Juanita Broaddrick -- who charges that he raped her when he was attorney general of Arkansas in the 1970s -- to call out the liberal actress's double standard.

A bit earlier in the CNN segment, Milano admitted that she was already opposed to Kavanaugh over his conservative views even before sex assault accusations against him surfaced.