MSNBC Shuns 'Pro-Life' Tag for Lipinski; 'We're Looking for Next Conor Lamb'

March 18th, 2018 11:14 PM

On Sunday afternoon's MSNBC Live with David Gura, MSNBC senior politics editor Beth Fouhy appeared as a guest to preview upcoming congressional elections and she employed the typical journalistic double standard of using the "pro-choice" euphemism that supporters of legal abortion prefer while staying away from the "pro-life" label that abortion opponents prefer to be labeled by.

And host Gura seemed to betray his interest in seeing moderate Democrats being nominated to compete more effectively against Republicans as he commented that "We're looking for that next Conor Lamb. I know a lot of Democrats are as well."



Fouhy's double standard on abortion politics labeling came shortly before 4:00 p.m. Eastern as she informed viewers that relatively moderate Illinois Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski is facing an unusually strong challenge from the left in Tuesday's primaries, with Fouhy noting their differing views on abortion. Here's Fouhy: "Dan Lipinski is really the last, sort of, moderate to conservative Democrat in the House, is fighting for his political life right now. He is not in favor of abortion rights, so he's been under fire by the folks who support abortion rights."

She then commented that she will be looking at, "if she knocks him off, whether that's just going to play right into Republicans' argument that no moderate is safe in the Democratic party, that Conor Lamb, that more moderate guy who just won the special election, is a one off, and, in fact, the party is really lurching to the left."

Host Gura commented: "We're looking for that next Conor Lamb. I know a lot of Democrats are as well."

Moments later, as she recounted a Democratic candidate in Arizona who supports keeping abortion legal, Fouhy showed no hesitation in labeling her as a "pro-choice woman Democrat."

Also of note, considering that, in 2016, Lipinski earned a liberal rating of 75 percent from ADA, while his lifetime conservative rating from ACU is only 19 percent, Fouhy's use of the word "conservative" in describing the Illinois Democrat as "moderate to conservative" is an exaggeration minus the issue of life.