Ex-Newsweek's Wolffe Compares Romney Economics to 'Pre-9/11 Mindset'

On Friday's The Ed Show, MSNBC analyst Richard Wolffe - formerly of Newsweek - compared Mitt Romney's economic plan to a "pre-9/11" mentality as he went along with substitute host Michael Eric Dyson's complaint that Republicans are being "clearly obstuctionist" against President Obama's economic agenda.

Dyson asked the question:

Richard, have Republicans boxed in President Obama by preventing any jobs legislation from passing? They have been clearly obstructionist.

After agreeing with Dyson and suggesting that Republicans may not have "tactical success" in the election, and compared the recession to the 9/11 attacks as he posed:

And I'd like to draw a comparison with events that conservatives felt very strongly, we all felt very strongly about, which was, in the Bush administration, 9/11. We went through this just these last few years, an economic 9/11. That economic meltdown was a serious crisis that started out in this country and spread around the world.

He continued:

Now, it's one thing for one party to say, "We're not going to help you out, we're not going to give you any votes when you've gone through this crisis, this economic 9/11, and you can deal with it on your own." But now, now at this point, you have a candidate who's bound by those same misjudgments. You have a candidate who actually wants to go back to a pre-economic meltdown, a pre-9/11 mindset, which is to pretend like it never happened, and to say we can go back to a time when the banks were all great and you could just deregulate and everything would be fine.

Wolffe ended up predicting:

We live in this post-meltdown world, and that mindset of obstructionism or pretending it never happened is not going to convince the voters in November.

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