Chris Matthews Claims 'There Was No Intelligence Saddam Had WMD. Never'

May 15th, 2015 8:53 PM

It's easy for people--with the possible exception of Jeb Bush--to say that they would not have supported the invasion of Iraq knowing what we know now about WMD there.

But Chris Matthews took things a foolish step further on this evening's Hardball, actually claiming that "there was no intelligence they had a weapon. Never was."  Really?  So Hillary, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy et al. were collective fabricators when they issued dire warnings, based on the intelligence they had seen, about Saddam's WMD?

Matthew made his absurd assertion while interviewing Ivy Ziedrich, the college Democrat who confronted Jeb, claiming W is responsible for the rise of ISIS.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well I have a theory. My theory is that WMD had nothing to do with that war. It was a sales piece. The whole idea of WMD, even the phrase WMD, was to conflate a lot of things. It was to suggest nuclear without having to prove it and therefore it made it easier for them to make the threshold argument that they had even a weapon. There was no intelligence they had a weapon. Never was. It was completely made up by Cheney and the rest of the neocons.