Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Titans Clash on Univision

May 25th, 2019 4:08 PM

Univision’s Sunday political affairs show, Al Punto, featured both pro-life activist Adryana Aldeen and pro-abortion activist Ana María Archila debating new pro-life legislation in various states.

An impassioned Aldeen remained on offense throughout the segment, and closed with a compelling statement about both the value of human life and the current aggressive legislative efforts on the U.S. pro-life front.



ADRYANA ALDEEN, PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST: You mention your children, I’m also a mother. These babies that are our great children - thank God for their lives - we carried them in our wombs, Ana María. And all those human beings, ourselves included, were in our mother’s womb. We must also think about the lives of these children, and there are many other options before (making) an abortion decision, and an abortion like those laws that go over 20 weeks is even more shocking. That’s why these types of decisions must be made.

JORGE RAMOS, HOST, AL PUNTO: Very well. Adryana Aldeen, Ana María Archila, thank you both for being here for this debate - very important for all of us.

Aldeen, who is no stranger to Al Punto, shines boldest and brightest when unapologetically defending the preborn.

Archila, in contrast, was more muted, though she is quickly becoming a favorite liberal panelist on Al Punto. Recall that Archila, who serves as Co-Executive Director of the (Soros-funded) Center for Popular Democracy, exploded on the scene and became a liberal media darling after her performative confrontation last fall of then-Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) just outside a Capitol elevator.

What this debate featured, as opposed to other related panel segments on Al Punto, was balance. Ramos largely stayed out of the way as Aldeen and Archila debated. Bias intervention was saved for post-production though, when rebuttal points were edited into Aldeen’s points, such as one on infant mortality rates.

Millions of viewers were thus able to see an impassioned defense of life, an issue near and dear to a sizeable segment of the Hispanic community (per Ramos' own admission), on a platform not known for often airing such views.