Univision Hyped KKK While Membership Was Collapsing

Chalk up another doozy for fake news at Univision. It turns out that while anchor Jorge Ramos was out visiting with Klansmen to hype his ‘Hate Rising’ narrative in advance of last year’s election, the nation’s historic premier hate group was actually in the midst of a massive collapse in membership.

Nose for news? Not so much. When the facts recently came out in the radical left Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) annual report on hate groups in the United States, showing that the number of KKK groups in the country experienced a devastating 32% decline, falling from 190 chapters in 2015 to 130 in 2016, not a peep was made of this evidently inconvenient truth in Univision’s national evening news programs.

In fact, contrary to the narrative Univision constantly sought to foist on its audiences throughout 2016 – most succinctly captured in the documentary Hate Rising in which Jorge Ramos features a Somali immigrant saying “If Donald Trump is elected President, I think we should all pack our bags and go. ‘Cause they will kill us” – even by highly controversial SPLC standards, the number of hate groups in the United States in 2016, at 917 overall, was also down by nearly a hundred from the SPLC’s recorded historic high, of 1,018 hate groups in 2011.

And don’t even begin to carefully examine all the groups the SPLC now classifies as “hate groups” in the United States, as the whole house of cards propping up the ‘Hate Rising’ narrative, which was the basis for the referenced Univision and Fusion documentary, may crater. The SPLC itself admits that driving the nominal growth of 25 additional ‘hate groups’ in the U.S. between 2015 and 2016 (917 hate groups overall in 2016, compared to 892 in 2015) were groups listed in the “anti-Muslim” category, which grew by 67 from 2015 to 2016.

Most of the “hate” groups in the U.S. classified by the SPLC as “anti-Muslim”, however, such as ACT for America, the Center for Security Policy and Jihad Watch, would counter that they are the ones actually fighting the single greatest menace of hate in our day – that of radical Islamic terrorism – which among other horrific acts throughout the world perpetrated the worst hate attack on American soil since 9/11, killing 49 people in a single attack in Orlando, Florida last June.

Equally galling to tens of millions of Americans is that the SPLC also classifies as ‘hate groups’ all kinds of other organizations that either simply uphold traditional Christian standards of sexual morality and the institution of marriage (such as the Ruth Institute, the American Family Association, the World Congress of Families and the Family Research Council), advocate on behalf of religious freedom (such as the Alliance Defending Freedom) or as much as simply favor the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws (Center for Immigration Studies, Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Immigration Reform Law Institute, among others).

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