Jorge Ramos's Misleading DACA Editorial Is an Electoral Call to Arms 

June 18th, 2020 5:57 PM

In a triumphalist editorial opinion, Univision’s Jorge Ramos made misleading statements regarding the scope of the Supreme Court's controversial ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and further leveraged the issue into a call to vote on November 3rd. 

Watch Ramos’s deceptive contradictory editorial in its entirety- further proof that Univision is little more than a pro-immigration SuperPAC with a broadcast signal: 

BORJA VOCES: We now link up with Jorge Ramos, who has been talking about DREAMers for years. Jorge, what do you think about the Supreme Court’s decision? What’s your opinion?

JORGE RAMOS: It’s truly an historic decision. I remember when four young undocumented kids walked from Miami to Washington, D.C. a decade ago in order to convince the president that they should stay here. And the Supreme Court is forceful. In effect, they’re saying: DACA is legal, DREAMers are legally in the United States, and they cannot be deported. This seems fundamental to me. If today’s 5-4 ruling were in the reverse, 5-4 against, right now we’d be talking about hundreds of thousands of young people who would be in fear of being deported and sent to a country they don’t know. So the ruling is fundamental. Here also, politically, we’re realizing that this is about a ruling in which young people who were not born in the United States defeat the President of the United States at the Supreme Court. In a tweet, President Donald Trump said that this was a horrible decision that does not reflect the values of the United States. However, many would say that the president is wrong. The Supreme Court certainly believes that he was wrong in his intent -it didn’t happen- but in President Donald Trump’s intention behind ending DACA. Of course, this isn’t over, but continues of course in the next election on November 3rd. Back to you.   

Contrary to Ramos’ material misrepresentation of the opinion, the ruling does NOT mean that the Court said: “DACA is legal, DREAMers are legally in the United States, and they cannot be deported.” Quite the opposite: in its opinion, the Court simply ruled that the Trump Administration failed to follow the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946, and laid out a template for lawful rescission of DACA

Ramos’ breathless editorial essentially turns the DACA ruling into a cattle prod with which to urge Univision’s audience to the polls and pull the lever for Joe Biden. The battle for immigration continues, and will continue in perpetuity. Immigration is central to Univision’s business interests, as we reported in 2016, and much more so in 2020.

By signing on and defending a patchwork executive order intended to arrogate what is a clear Congressional prerogative, Univision is complicit in the vile politics of immigration. Remember, the future of Spanish-language media depends on a continuously broken immigration system. Jorge Ramos said so himself:



JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR ANCHOR, UNIVISION: I think the future of Spanish-language media is assured for decades, simply, for a very simple reason: Despite of the fact that the majority of the growth within the Hispanic community is coming from people being born here, we still have one to two million immigrants, legally and illegally coming in every single year. Most of them speak Spanish. So, therefore, we have a market that is growing and growing. And I think we can assure you that in the next few decades, you'll see Spanish-language media. That's another topic completely, but the Latino community is keeping so many elements from their country of origin, including Spanish- 9 out of 10 Latinos speak Spanish...speak Spanish at home- that- and we're doing things that Italians didn't do, or Russians, or Eastern Europeans didn't do- and the closeness to our countries of origin and the communications that we have are keeping Spanish-language media alive. And thanks to that, it's a new power that other immigrant communities didn't have in the past.