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Kathleen Krumhansl Berríos is a journalist and advertising professional who champions fairness in all fields of communications. 

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Si por Univisión fuera, el público estaría convencido de que los inmigrantes latinos vienen a los Estados Unidos solo para sufrir. Olvídese de la prosperidad económica histórica o de los niveles de desempleo sin precedentes que disfruta al presente la minoría étnica más grande de la nación; para los presentadores de la cadena siempre habrá una excusa para inyectar la etiqueta "antiinmigrante" en sus informes, incluso dentro de una historia sobre un programa gubernamental que beneficia a los inmigrantes.

If you were to believe Univision News, you’d be convinced that Latino immigrants come to the United States only to suffer. Forget about historic economic prosperity, or unprecedented unemployment levels for the nation's largest ethnic minority. The network’s anchors will always find an excuse to inject the “anti-immigrant” tag into their reporting - even within a story about a pro-immigrant government program.

A un año de las elecciones generales de 2020, Noticias Telemundo comisionó, al igual que su rival Univisión, una encuesta exclusiva de votantes latinos. Durante su informe sobre los resultados de la misma, la cadena aprovechó para abogar por sus aspirantes presidenciales demócratas 2020 favoritos, concluyendo que "la mayoría de los hispanos votará por sacar a Trump de la Casa Blanca", según Telemundo.com, e indicando que solo uno de cada cuatro latinos votará por Trump.

Telemundo News conducted, as did rival Univision, an “exclusive” poll of Latino voters with the 2020 general election less than a year away. The network engaged in advocating for their favorite Democrat 2020 presidential hopefuls and concluding that “most Hispanics will vote to drive Trump out of the White House”, per Telemundo.com’s report on the poll which also “uncovered” that only one out of four Latinos will vote for Trump.

Univisión, la principal cadena de noticias en español de la nación, comenzó su cuenta regresiva a un año de las elecciones generales de 2020 con un informe sobre una nueva encuesta que coloca a los tres principales aspirantes presidenciales demócratas por delante del presidente Donald Trump.

The nation’s top Spanish-language news network, Univision, began its one-year countdown to the 2020 general election by heralding the results of a new poll placing the top three Democrat presidential hopefuls ahead of president Donald Trump. Check out the full post as Ramos frames correspondent Blanca Rosa Vílchez’s report by “talking politics” as befits the liberal agenda, in an obvious attempt to garner sympathy to his cause from Latino audiences.

Telemundo lamentó la salida del cuasi latino Beto O'Rourke de las primarias presidenciales demócratas de 2020 dado que era, según el presentador de Telemundo José Díaz-Balart, "el candidato que más y mejor habla el español" y uno de los candidatos “que más contacto mantenía con la comunidad latina".

Telemundo could not help but mourn wannabe Latino Beto O'Rourke’s exit from the 2020 Democratic presidential primary given that he was, according to Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart, “the candidate that speaks the most and best Spanish” and “one of the candidates who was most in touch with the Latino community”.

Los inmigrantes con antecedentes penales y múltiples DUI tienen nuevos porristas en los medios de comunicación hispanoparlantes que harán todo lo posible para evitar que su audiencia principal se reduzca, como se evidencia en la cobertura de Telemundo y Univisión de las nuevas reglas del Departamento de Justicia con respecto a la deportación.

Immigrants with criminal records and multiple DUIs have new cheerleaders at the Spanish-speaking media that will go to any length to prevent their core audience from shrinking, as evidenced in Telemundo and Univision´s coverage of new DOJ rules regarding deportation.

La burbuja finalmente estalló en los medios de comunicación de habla hispana que ya no pueden contener la vergonzosa realidad vivida por los hispanos en California, el estado que supuestamente lidera la lucha por los derechos de los inmigrantes.  

The bubble finally burst as Spanish-speaking media could no longer contain the shameful reality lived by Hispanics in California, the state that purportedly leads the fight for immigrant rights. As MRC Latino contributor Ray Cruz points out in a recent analysis of the nation ́s liberal Hispanic Media, “Jokingly and Seriously”; although 2020 Democratic presidential candidates prefer not to talk about the subject (a strategy replicated by the Latino media), over half of all Latino households in California struggle to pay for their basic needs.  

In their scramble to help secure votes for the Democrats and fulfill their leftist policy vision, Univision News continues to expand its “Latino Agenda”. The network is now openly advocating for the political platforms of leftist Democratic presidential hopefuls, and pushing for issues and policies that are completely out of tune with the reality of the Latino population to which they cater. 

It seems that the list of liberal news media receiving selective leaks from Democrats trying to prove President Trump guilty of …. What was it? – includes CNN en Español.

Just in time for Halloween, the nation ́s Spanish-speaking news media seemingly agreed to put a scary spin on the latest developments in the DACA saga. The words “fear” and “scared” are liberally sprinkled throughout DACA coverage, in order to frighten so-called “Dreamers” into action regarding their status.

Univision’s national Monday evening newscast included to what amounted to free promotion for liberal activists pushing for illegal immigration, complete with a closing endorsement from correspondent Lourdes del Río, who all but made a call to action with their contact information.

Now that convicted cartel boss Joaquín ´El Chapo ́ Guzmán is serving a life sentence at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Colorado, Telemundo fueled the lore about him as a bigger-than-life hero with a two-minute report on a new narcorrido, a narrative ballad in which the lyrics praise drug trafficking and illegal activities, that portrays him as a loving father and not a serial killer (over 3,000 assassinations in Mexico and beyond have been attributed to him).

In an attempt to demonize the current Administration´s actions to ensure undocumented families can be kept together through their immigration proceedings, CNN en Español interviewed John Amaya, an attorney who served in the Obama Administration at ICE and the DOJ, among other positions, and currently works for a private law firm dealing with – you got it-  immigration. His answers were “creative” to say the least, and raised the question: How much does CNN truly underestimate the intelligence of its viewers?

Yes, it´s true. People over 55 years of age are prospering across the nation. But so are Latinos - and as one Hispanic investment ace tells us, they are not the only ones, much to the chagrin of the liberal Spanish-speaking media that continue to make a case for an ailing economy about to crash and for Donald Trump to be deep-sixed.

A recent report by Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart seemed like a comedy skit given the subject: “the media’s responsibility in the use of language”. Even the opening sentence of the report gave away his preference for incendiary language, as he explicitly used the word “racist” three words into the feature. By the way, a quick look-up of our files revealed that at Telemundo alone, the term “racist” was used 60 times to describe Trump and/or his Administration between January and August, 2019.