BBC: Jorge Ramos Blames Anti-Socialists for Trump Hispanic Approval

November 21st, 2019 8:19 PM

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is at it again, telling foreign media what he really thinks of his primary audience in the United States. As usual, his ire is directed at Hispanics who dare stray from orthodoxy and, for varying reasons, either stay away from Democrats or outright support Donald Trump.

In an interview with BBC Mundo, Ramos resorted to his usual racial grievance and identity politics, but this question and answer stuck out like a sore thumb:

BBC MUNDO JOURNALIST: Speaking of seduction, Donald Trump has seduced close to 30% of the Latino community. How do you explain that?

JORGE RAMOS: It's not a monolithic community, we don't all think the same.

In spite of Donald Trump's racist and sexist attacks, there are voters for whom other issues are more important- the economy, for example. Unemployment levels have certainly decreased under Donald Trump.

There are other issues such as Cuba and Venezuela which, to some voters, are more important than the racist attacks.

This certainly isn't a new phenomenon. In fact, it's become a ritual. Last year, Ramos sat down with Spain's El Intermedio and bad-mouthed socially conservative Hispanics, as well as those who come to identify as American:

There are people that feel totally identified with this country, that believe the same things that Donald Trump believes. If you vote for someone, you partially resemble that. And also that, among Latinos, there are very conservative values that are commonly held with the Republican Party, President Trump’s party. The, the religious issue, the importance of family, the abortion issue. This explains, in part, why one out of three Hispanics vote for Donald Trump and is so conservative.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Ramos broke out "Cuba and Venezuela", which was obviously code for socialism, within the context about whining about Hispanic voters that are more concerned with encroaching socialism than with Ramos's incessant evocations of racial grievance.

The unmitigated gall of Ramos, who lives in South Florida, home to countless victims of socialism, is simply astounding. Univision is headquarted in Doral (A.K.A. Doralzuela), for crying out loud. 

Given Ramos' constant water-carrying for socialists, there is a non-zero chance that he regards this 30 or so percent support for Trump as a personal affront. But that's Ramos' own fault. To wit:

It's no wonder that growing numbers of Hispanics are tuning Ramos out. Who knew that people, regardless of ethnic origin, would ultimately choose their own individual self-interest over the politics of envy and racial grievance?

At the rate Ramos is going, it's also worth asking: is Trump's 30 percent of the HIspanic vote a ceiling or a floor?