Jorge Ramos: All Or Nothing On Immigration

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos takes to Twitter once again, displaying both dangerous intransigence and clear partisan bias when it comes to his bread-and-butter issue: immigration reform. But will this all-or-nothing approach actually help advance meaningful reforms, or is it likelier to aggravate gridlock on the issue?

Here's the tweet at issue - strategically made in advance of the annual State of the Union speech and dismissive of any subsequent compromises which *might* be voted into law:

Ramos takes the side of the extreme immigration lobby by laying down down a simple marker, which is that no amount of law enforcement is legitimate for those who are unlawfully present in the country - and no compromise is acceptable. And now Ramos is offering up a decidedly partisan opinion as to what should or should not be considered as "real" immmigration reform.

It should surprise absolutely no one that Jorge Ramos is living up to his "opposition journalist" mantra. After all, here's what he said the morning after Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States:

I haven't the slightest doubt that I'll have to be an opposition journalist, and that's it. Done. And now, politically, I believe that we are...a leader is wanted. Politically, the Democratic Party is in search of leadership that can confront Donald Trump because it is now clear the old guard of the Democratic Party didn't work out. and there are no leaders. They all- where are the young leaders of the Democratic Party? Who is going to be that opposition? Who is going to be that opposition figure that will face Hillary Clinton? We don't have that right now over here.

Ramos' latest social media rant goes far beyond his usual brand of advocacy journalism and straight into pure partisanship. By laying down such a bright line, Ramos (once again) seeks to poison an environment in which reasonable legislators can come together and work on an immigration solution that can pass both Houses of Congress.

Sadly, this discourse is par for the course for Ramos, who has built a lucrative career for himself by dividing Hispanics from everyone else, and against each other- a reminder that both he and the network he serves benefit from continued laxity on the enforcement side, so much so that they went all-out in support of the candidate that promised to preserve such policies.

What else can be expected from a man who once lectured the Attorney General of the United States, dismissing cooperation between local law enforcement and ICE as "not very good"? Uncertainty might not be good for America, but it's certainly what's best for business.



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